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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 7, 2008 - Issue #31  
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Team Challenge 2 Winners in California this weekend!

This weekend the Gold Prize Package Winners of the Team Challenge – Ann Pika, Syd Angelfish, Lobo Tampa, and Raccoon Jule—will arrive in California to begin a weekend of fun and adventure! They'll be meeting Master Idea Seekers at the Tech Museum in San Jose, visiting the West Valley Branch of the San Jose Public Library (the first public building in the City of San Jose to be certified as a green building!), and learning about how marine animals are affected by climate change at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center in Santa Cruz!

Follow along with the Team Challenge Winners on their Blogs!

While the Team Challenge Winners are in California, they'll be posting photos taken with their new digital cameras and talking about the trip in their blogs! You can follow along and read the blogs by going to each Winner's Idea Seeker Home Page, or by going to the Beach and clicking on the Team Challenge Blog Screen next to Princess Kimma. Follow along with the Idea Seekers as they learn all about Global Climate Change from Master Idea Seekers who are going green to make a difference on Planet Earth!

Have a question for the Winners? Post to the Team Challenge Winners Blog Message Board!

Princess Kimma's mother, Master Idea Seeker Scribe Queen Keyara, has set up a message board for all of us on Planet Sarillion to ask the Team Challenge Winners questions about their trip to California on Planet Earth! Go to the Beach and click on the banner above Kimma, or go to the message board and ask the Winners what it is like and what they are learning! Ask them how they're enjoying the trip to California, what tidal pools are, what animals they should see at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, what the Tech Museum has that is fun, and what they've learned about Global Climate Change. It's up to you to help bring knowledge back to Planet Sarillion!

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