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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Rachel, 9, British Virgin Islands

Spec had fallen off his board for the 15 time that day and was getting fed up. "We have to do the Waba kick at the same time Tra! And Im the one that gets hurt every time you dont!" Spec sighed and rubbing his knee as he went off home.

"Spec! Spec, SPEC!, Im sorry, I should have waited!" Tra called after him, but Spec took no notice. She sighed and looked down at her Patience Plant Baby. "I wish I could be more like you, Patience." Then a thought struck her, "Mabe I can."

Tra picked her mobile phone up and called Kimma. "Kimma!, I need your help, its urgent!"

"Ill be with you in a second." Tra put down her mobile and hoped Kimma would get there soon, she can be a BIT forgetfull when shes busy of course! Kimma got there soon though, and as Tra explained what had happned, an idia had formed in Kimmas head.

"Your not being patient and waiting for Spec to get it right, so a Plant Baby is just whats needed! follow me and Ill take you to the SPACE ship, and Ill show you what to do, is he powered up alright though?"

"Yes, why do we need to go to the SPACE SHIP?"

"I have another Patience Plant Baby in there, and you need the power of friendship to solve THIS problem, as well as patience!"

"I suppose your right, as we need to be friends!" When they got to the space ship Kimma got out her Plant Baby and they made friends immedietly. Tra felt much more patient AND friendly. Next time they tried the Waba kick they got it right! The power of friendship and a little bit of patience is all you need to be friendly! Write Me A Story

Senona Honeybee, 11, Australia

Hi. My name is Joy, the Joy Plant Baby. Everyone says I was different. I always was and I always will be. But now I know why. My home planet is in danger. And I would be the one fighting it.

It all started one day when I was playing with two other Joy Plant Babies, Lillian and Roxxane, when we ran in to Jonathan the pure red Joy Plant Baby. My friends started chanting '' Joy and Jonathan sitting in a tree.....'' you know how it goes. '' Oh, be quiet.'' I said. We continued playing when someone came running up to us shouting '' They're here! They're here! The Clouds! In large numbers!'' My friends screamed and ran to their families. I ran too, but to the Clouds lair. I ran into an elderly Joy Plant Baby. She was our planet's wise woman! She whispered to me '' You are the hero. You have to make the Clouds leader surrender and retreat. But do not harm him fataly, for it is against the way of the Plant Babies.'' I continued running.

I eventually got to the Clouds lair. I saw a red Plant Baby slip inside. Could it be Jonathan? He isn't as crazy as me. I got inside the master Clouds lair. He was there. And he seemed VERY glad to see me. '' What are you doing here?!'' I asked in the most angry tone I could. '' I just wanted to make friends.'' he said. '' And I believe we are very, very close.'' He turned himself into.... Jonathan!! '' Come on. You know you want to.'' And, out of pure instinct, I ran up to him and I hugged him.



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