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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 7, 2008 - Issue #31  
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Greedy Cloud's Waterfall Attack: What does it mean?

Last Weekend's Major Cloud Attack by Greedy Cloud at the Manabel Island Waterfall left King Daveau and his Master Idea Seekers wondering if the Darkness of Dumbness was preparing to plan another major attack on Sarillion's climate. During the attack, visitors heard Pleethars and other residents of Sarillion near the Waterfall arguing about using the Waterfall's large supply of water to help grow the lawns outside their houses! It is suspected that Greedy Cloud was trying to cloud people into greedily stealing the water at the Waterfall for themselves, thereby lowering the amount of water needed for drinking, growing food and for animals and plants in the eco-system, starting a chain reaction of damage to the environment.

King Daveau has sent Idea Seeker spies undercover to learn more about the Darkness and his plans. In the meantime, he asks all Idea Seekers and Allies to remain on the lookout for clouded people walking in the Idea Seeker Universe. Do whatever you can to cure their Cloud Sickness and fight off the Darkness and his Clouds before they build an army of Warrior Drones! To learn how to fight Cloud Sickness, check out the "Tips & Tricks" section of this week's Sarillion Monitor.

Now open—Reminder Healing Center!

Meanwhile, in an effort to help Idea Seekers recover from the Major Cloud Attack as quickly as possible, King Daveau has announced the opening of a new Idea Seeker Role Room in the Training Tower—the Reminder Healing Center! Idea Seeker Reminders can use this room to develop the skills needed to help others recover from Cloud Sickness and get in touch with the Essence of good inside them. The Healing Center has all sorts of features specially designed to help Idea Seekers take care of themselves so they are ready to help take care of others—hairstyle stations, manicure and make-up stations, quiet places to think and write notes to others, links to costumes and Super Snacks to power up your Plant Baby, a fruit juice and smoothie bar, and other great things! With Cloud Attacks possibly on the rise, Sarillion will need all its Idea Seekers and Allies as healthy and unclouded as possible to fight back. Check it out today!

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