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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 7, 2008 - Issue #31  
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We give you a tip, trick or special code in every issue to help defeat the Darkness!

Clouding on the rise in the Idea Seeker Universe!

Hi! I'm Princess Kimma. As an Idea Seeker Reminder, one of my most important jobs is to help heal people who are recovering from Cloud Sickness. It's my duty to help others get in touch with the Essence of good within themselves after they've been attacked by the Clouds of Chaos.

In the last week, and Idea Seekers and Allies all over Sarillion have been coming down with Cloud Sickness. The Sarillion Monitor asked me to help explain what Cloud Sickness is and how to cure it, and I'm only too happy to help!

What is Cloud Sickness?

Cloud Sickness is caused by the Clouds of Chaos, the helpers of the evil Darkness of Dumbness. Whenever you feel angry, upset, boastful, jealous, or any other negative emotion, there's a good chance that one of the Clouds is lurking nearby, infecting you with Cloud Sickness and trying to turn you into a Warrior Drone for the Darkness. A Warrior Drone is someone who thinks only of themselves and does whatever the Darkness tells them to. To read more about specific kinds of Cloud Sickness, click here!

Idea Seekers have the power to Cure Cloud Sickness!

All Idea Seekers have the power to cure Cloud Sickness! When a person in the Idea Seeker Universe has Cloud Sickness, their speech might be affected. They may only be able to talk with the pre-set phrases provided. If you are an Idea Seeker you can click on a Warrior Drone (a person who is Clouded) and click "Cure Cloud Sickness" in the avatar card that pops up! Both Idea Seekers and Allies can come down with Cloud Sickness, but only Idea Seekers can cure them.

If you can't find an Idea Seeker to help you, anyone can cure themselves of Cloud Sickness by powering up one of their Plant Babies. When Cloud Sickness strikes, the Plant Baby featured on your Plant Baby Central page loses Care Units in their Hunger and Anti-Cloud Level bars. By taking time to care for and recharge your Plant Baby, you can show the Clouds that no matter how Clouded you are, you still take the time to pay attention to someone other than yourself. This act of kindness reminds you of the Essence inside you and helps you become unclouded. Your Plant Baby then reinforces the positive traits inside you, helps you resist clouded thinking and removes the Cloud hovering over you!

Everyone has a Plant Baby and if you don't know what you have, click on the Plant Baby Central button to sprout your seed by feeding it. There are three ways to get items for feeding your Plant Baby. You can use your points to buy food and power up items in Jardim Forest or from Idea Seeker Stores. Or you can make a Super Snack by finding free items around Planet Sarillion – learn more about Super Snacks in the Idea Seeker Reminder Healing Center in the Training Tower.

Stay Alert—The Clouds May Strike Again!

Check out this issue's Special Feature to learn about Greedy Cloud's recent attack on the Manabel Island Waterfall. Idea Seekers were able to fight back against Greedy Cloud's nasty yellow mist by helping each other. Only by keeping your Plant Babies powered up and remembering to work as a team can we continue to show the Clouds that they can't control us!

New in Tempy's Furniture Gallery—Valentine's Day Heart Chairs!

Celebrate Valentine's Day by decorating your Idea Seeker House with new Heart Chairs from Tempy's! These lovely seats are perfect for visiting with friends or having a special party at your Idea Seeker House. Available for only 300 VPs!

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