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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 14, 2008 - Issue #32  
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Calling all Idea Seekers and Allies! King Daveau announces a new Team Challenge!

Last week King Daveau sent Idea Seeker spies undercover to find out if the recent Waterfall attack by Greedy Cloud was a sign of more trouble from the Darkness of Dumbness. Earlier this week that team of spies, including Idea Seeker Diplomat Riley, reported back with alarming news: The Darkness is preparing to strike again!

"That nasty Greedy Cloud's not done with us yet!" said Riley. "We overheard him talking with Desire Cloud about how he was going to Cloud everyone on Sarillion and convince everyone to try to hog all the water for their lawns and homes! If he does that, there won't be enough water available for growing crops or for people, plants, and most importantly animals to drink! That could start a horrible chain reaction in the eco-system! I think he was trying to get Desire Cloud to give him some tips on how to make people want things more, but then she got really huffy and said that she was upset that the Darkness hadn't asked her to do it. I think maybe Desire Cloud caught Jealousy Cloud Sickness! Can they even do that to each other? Weird!"

Join the Team Challenge!

In response, King Daveau has announced a new Team Challenge! He has sent the call out for all Idea Seekers and Allies to form Teams to work together teaching Pleethars and other residents of Sarillion about water conservation, recycling, and energy efficiency. In an exclusive interview with the Sarillion Monitor King Daveau spoke about the importance of teaching people to use rain barrels to collect rainwater for watering lawns, to practice water-saving techniques like watering early in the morning, and other important behaviors. (Read the interview in About An Idea Seeker!)

Chance to be Rewarded with a Trip to Washington, DC on planet Earth!

As a show of gratitude for the help of the Idea Seekers and Allies, King Daveau has announced that he will send one Idea Seeker Team, two of their fans and their parents to Washington, DC, the capital of the United States of America on planet Earth! Check out our Special Feature for more about this exciting news!

Sarillion Monitor
Sarillion Monitor

It's up to you to fight the Clouds and save Sarillion!

Check out Tips & Tricks to find out how to find a teammate and start a Team if you're an Idea Seeker, or how to join a Team as a Fan if you're an Ally! Allies will be able to help their Teams by powering up their Plant Babies and playing the Expeditions as Kimma announces them. Idea Seekers, however, will be able to do much more, like getting Allies to join their Teams, giving gifts to Team members to earn points for their Team Score, and unclouding members of their Team to earn still more points! To become an Idea Seeker, click here.

Expeditions start next week! Join a Team today!

Sarillion Monitor

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