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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 14, 2008 - Issue #32  
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About an Idea Seeker - King Daveau

King Daveau, Princess Kimma's father, is the ruler of Sarillion. We speak to him this week to get more information on the Darkness' plans as well as more information about the new Team Challenge.

Please tell us more about what your undercover Idea Seeker spies learned about the plans of the Darkness.

As you know, the Darkness will not rest until he plunges Sarillion into a Climate Crisis from which it could never recover. So far, he has failed in every attempt, but he never stops trying! This time, Riley and our spies learned that the Darkness wants his Clouds to focus on people trying to "go green" inside and out of their homes. It appears that the Major Cloud Attack by Greedy Cloud at the Waterfall not long ago was the beginning of a plan to cause a drought on Sarillion!

How did Greedy Cloud plan to cause this drought? How would a drought cause a Climate Crisis?

Apparently he's trying to convince Pleethars and other people on Sarillion to use as much water as possible to water their lawns more than is necessary. If Greedy Cloud succeeds and causes a drought, there will be less water available for drinking, bathing, and other more essential activities. Even worse is that there would be less water for plants and animals to drink, which would cause a chain reaction of damage to the environment!

When will we know if it's worked? When will we know that Greedy Cloud was successful?

That's hard to say. Droughts usually happen over a long period of time, and they're difficult to track. They happen when there hasn't been as much water as we need over a long period of time, but it's always hard to tell how long a water shortage will last. That's why we need to always be aware of how much water we use!

And that's why you've announced a new Team Challenge?

Yes indeed! I'm calling on all Idea Seekers and Allies to once again form Teams to help save Sarillion from being overrun by Warrior Drones for the Darkness. If Greedy Cloud keeps clouding people into wasting water, they will become Warrior Drones and do whatever he and the Darkness say! It's up to the Idea Seekers and their Allies to teach people about using rain barrels to catch rainwater and use it for lawn watering instead of other water sources. They need to teach people more efficient lawn-watering techniques, like watering early in the morning to avoid evaporation. With the Idea Seekers' and Allies' help, I know we can make a difference, defeat the Darkness, and save Sarillion!

How can people sign up for the Team Challenge?

Go to the Team Challenge page and sign up to either form a Team with another Idea Seeker, or if you're an Ally, pick a Team and be their Fan! (Ed. Note: Check out Tips & Tricks for more information.) Remember, I'm sending the winning Team and two of their fans, with their parents, on a trip to planet Earth to meet Master Idea Seekers in the United States capital of Washington, DC! Please help — the future of Sarillion is in your hands!

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