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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 21, 2008 - Issue #33  
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Drought Strikes Sarillion! Waterfall Dries Up; Greedy Cloud to blame

For weeks, residents of Sarillion wondered nervously what the effects of the recent attacks by Greedy Cloud would be. First, Greedy Cloud caused a Major Cloud Attack at the Manabel Island Waterfall, causing people on Sarillion to become greedy and use more water in their homes and yards than was necessary. Then, Greedy Cloud did the same in the area outside the Sarillion Royal Palace, with similar results. Despite Idea Seekers' attempts to uncloud as many people as possible and encourage efficient water usage, a drought watch was declared as King Daveau and his Master Idea Seeker Prophets sought to prevent a full-blown water shortage.

Today one part of the Manabel Island Waterfall completely dried up, proving that Sarillion is most definitely suffering a drought caused by the actions of Greedy Cloud! In response, King Daveau's daughter, Princess Kimma, has announced the beginning of Expedition #9, the first of three Expeditions in King Daveau's Team Challenge.

Join the fight against Greedy Cloud! Play Expedition #9

"Expedition 9 is all about teaching the people of Sarillion what droughts are and how they are caused, so we can teach everyone how to prevent them as best we can," said Kimma. "Droughts happen when an area doesn't get as much water as it expects or needs over a long period of time. While most water shortages are a result of natural weather patterns and can't be controlled by Pleethars, we can be sure to practice water-saving behaviors that will minimize the damage caused by a drought as much as possible. When people use as much water as Greedy Cloud's been telling them to use, it can take a naturally-occurring drought and make it even worse!

"With Expedition 9," Kimma continues, "we want to teach people all across Sarillion how to save water, especially in areas like the Waterfall. My father wants all Idea Seekers and Allies to help fight back against Greedy Cloud and the damage he's caused! Please help!"

(Note: For more with Princess Kimma, check out our interview with her in this week's About an Idea Seeker).

Sarillion Monitor
Sarillion Monitor

Give a gift to your Idea Seeker Teammate and Fans!

As part of the Team Challenge and Expedition #9, Princess Kimma has announced a gift-giving program in order to promote saving water and reducing waste. Idea Seeker Team Leaders -- Giving certain items to members of your Team will earn you bonus points for your Team Score! See the Gift Giving section of this week's Tips & Tricks for more details!

King Daveau to reward Idea Seekers and Allies for helping fight the Clouds

As a token of his appreciation for helping fight the Clouds of Chaos in the Team Challenge, King Daveau will reward the two Team Leaders of one Idea Seeker Team and two of their Fans with a trip to Washington, DC on planet Earth, as well as a handheld GPS device! Go to the Special Features section for more details!

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