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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 21, 2008 - Issue #33  
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About an Idea Seeker - Princess Kimma

As an Idea Seeker Reminder, Princess Kimma is always busy, especially when her father, King Daveau, recruits Idea Seekers to help him battle The Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos during his Team Challenges. The Sarillion Monitor recently spoke with Kimma about her father's most recent Challenge.

Kimma, can you tell us more about Expedition 9 and how it's going to help fight back against Greedy Cloud?

Greedy Cloud is trying to cloud everyone into thinking they need to use as much water as possible to water their lawns and do other household chores! And it's working! His attacks at the Waterfall and Palace turned a number of people on Sarillion into his Warrior Drones. They're so clouded that they're using up all the water they can find! And obviously this drought is a result of that.

What my father wants all Idea Seekers and Allies to do is learn about where droughts come from and how efficient water usage helps minimize the damage they cause. As an Idea Seeker Reminder, my specialty is helping people recover from Cloud Sickness, and one thing I know is that education and a willingness to change behaviors are the best weapons against Cloud Attacks!

What sort of things can we do to conserve water?

Well, we're very excited about teaching people about rain barrels. They're these neat containers that capture rainwater as it drains off your roof, and then saves it until you want to water your lawn or garden with it! Then you're not using water from your local well or city reservoir. Also, if you use grass in your lawn that is native to the area, instead of buying special grass seeds from other parts of the world, your lawn won't need as much water to grow! These are all important pieces of the puzzle.

So, what happens to the eco-system when there's a drought? Is it more than just a lack of water?

Oh, definitely. A drought can cause a big chain reaction in the environment! For example, a lot of frogs live around the Waterfall area. But with one of the waterfalls dried up because of the drought, fewer tadpoles have room to grow and develop into adult frogs! With fewer frogs around, less insects are eaten, and then those insects devour more plant life. With more plants being eaten, less carbon dioxide is used by the plants, with increases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. And we all know what more CO2 in the atmosphere means-warmer temperatures! It's all connected. And besides, it breaks my heart to think about those cute little tadpoles not being able to grow up and become cute frogs!

Tell us more about your special gift giving program.

Oh, I'm really excited about this! One of the best ways to fight Greedy Cloud is with generosity. When you're a Greedy Cloud Warrior Drone, all you want to do is keep everything you can find for yourself. But when you're giving gifts to other people, you're in touch with the Essence of good, and you remember that the act of giving is worth so much more that having lots of things for yourself. Greedy Cloud can't touch you then!

Also, the Native Grass Seeds and Reusable Grocery Bags will do a great job reminding everyone to keep using the water-saving tricks they learn during the Expeditions. It works on so many levels!

Kimma, thanks so much for your time. Any final words for the Idea Seekers and Allies reading this?

Keep up the fight! The Clouds seem like big, nasty characters, but they're really just harmless clouds of mist if you remember to look ahead, look beyond, and look with vision!

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