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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 21, 2008 - Issue #33  
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We give you a tip, trick or special code in every issue to help defeat the Darkness!

Hi! I'm Dumonde. As you probably read in the Inside Scoop, my friend Kimma has started a gift-giving program in order to help fight Greedy Cloud by saving water and reducing waste. While Idea Seeker Team Leaders and your Team Fans play the Expeditions, giving these special gifts to your teammate or Team Fans is a great way to build up bonus points that count toward your Team Score! Let's take a closer look.

Give special Anti-Cloud Power Items to people on your Team!

There are two new items available in the Power Item shops in Jardim Forest and Venezia Village on Washi--Native Grass Seed Bags and Reusable Shopping Bags.

Growing Native Grass in your lawn saves water because it needs less water to grow! Grass that's not native to your area needs more water and chemicals in order to grow in the soil.

Reusable Shopping Bags are bags that you can take with you whenever you go grocery shopping, so you don't have to use the store's paper or plastic bags. Using fewer bags means less waste and less trash in landfills!

Here's what you need to do to earn bonus points for your Team:

  1. Go to one of the Power Item Shops and buy either the Native Grass Seeds or Reusable Shopping Bags. Both cost only 10 VPs!
  2. Find a member of your Team in the Idea Seeker Universe.
  3. Click on them to bring up their avatar card and click the button under them that says "Give Gift."
  4. Click on the item you want to give your Team Member and in the pop-up, click "Give Gift Now."
  5. Whenever you give the Native Grass Seeds or Reusable Shopping Bags to someone on your Team, you will be awarded 10 Points for your Team Score! (NOTE: No other items that you give will count toward your Team Score!) And you get 10 Virtual Points you can use to buy more gifts.
  6. Buy and give as many of these special gifts as you want! Every 10 points gets you closer to being rewarded by King Daveau!

Tell your Fans to power up and walk with their Plant Babies!

Everyone needs to be able to walk with their Plant Baby to play the Expeditions and learn about how to help Sarillion. You also get bonus points for the Team Challenge if you have a powered-up Plant Baby. Idea Seeker Team Leaders -- Use the classroom in the Distiller's Exploratorium to show your Fans what to do!

Help them find the free Hunger Fighting Items at the Super Snack Stands in the Help Hut and Village and the Refrigerator in the Restaurant to fill up their Hunger Fighting bar. Give the Native Grass Seeds and Reusable Shopping Bags to your Fans, and tell them to give those items to their Plant Babies to fill up their Anti-Cloud Power bar.

For every Fan that keeps their Plant Baby powered up and walking with them, 3 points are added daily to your Team Score!

Remember to keep playing the Expeditions, and keep your Plant Baby powered up to help you fight the Clouds and earn bonus points for your Team!

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