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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 28, 2008 - Issue #34  
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Idea Seekers fight back against Greedy Cloud-The Darkness sends Sloth Cloud

Idea Seekers and Allies last week worked hard to take the fight back to Greedy Cloud, and there were good results. Idea Seeker Teams and Fans learned about the origins of droughts and how their damage can be minimized while playing Expedition #9. They learned how difficult tracking droughts can be, since they don't have a specific beginning or end. They also learned about rain barrels and how using them to capture rainwater for use in watering lawns and gardens can reduce the use of water from other sources. Using this new information, residents of Sarillion successfully fought back against Greedy Cloud and his drought. They stopped thinking that the amount of water was endless, so they learned how to collect it in other ways and rethought uses like watering lawns. This minimized the damage and even helped return the Manabel Island Waterfall to normal, as there was less water taken from it!

Sarillion Monitor

According to reports gathered from Idea Seeker Diplomat Spec, who has been working undercover as a spy for Sarillion ruler King Daveau, The Darkness of Dumbness was furious at this latest setback. In order to increase the chaos on Sarillion, the Darkness dispatched his lord of laziness, Sloth Cloud. According to Spec, "The Darkness hopes that Sloth Cloud can convince people on Sarillion that since the drought has begun to pass that they don't need to keep doing the things they learned during Expedition 9. Sloth Cloud will try to make people think that it is too much work to conserve water, which would undo all of the good done in the last week! He also plans to trick people into recycling less. We can't let that happen!"

Spec also has reported seeing Sloth Cloud's attacks already working around Sarillion! The Royal Hedge Maze has suddenly become littered with recyclable trash because people are not even taking the small step to throw their plastic and glass bottles into recycling bins. Find out more about what Spec discovered during his spy mission in this issue's About an Idea Seeker.

King Daveau Announces Sarillion Day!

To fight back against any laziness brought about by Sloth Cloud, King Daveau has declared a new planet-wide holiday: Sarillion Day! The King got the idea by learning about a similar holiday called Earth Day on planet Earth. In a decree released from the Sarillion Royal Palace, King Daveau said, "Sarillion Day is a day where all residents of Sarillion, be they Pleethars or our friends the Earthlings and Machooians, can come together to celebrate our planet and support the fight against global climate change. And because our planet is host to so many different kinds of people, I encourage all residents of Sarillion to celebrate the efforts to fight climate change on their home planets as well! United we stand, and thus, the Darkness and his Clouds shall fall!"

In a show of unity with his friends on planet Earth, King Daveau has coordinated Sarillion Day festivities to happen at the same time as Earth Day, which is April 22, 2008 on the Earth calendar.

Create an Earth Day Card with the Custom Card Maker!

As part of the Team Challenge, and as a way to promote Sarillion Day, Princess Kimma has asked everyone to make cards for Planet Earth! Kimma asked her friend, Idea Seeker Prophet Skeeter, to redesign his Too Cool Card Maker to become an Earth Day card maker! Kimma has announced that this is a required step to complete her father's Team Challenge. To learn more about how to make your own Earth Day card, head to this issue's Tips & Tricks to hear more from Skeeter himself!

Keep up the fight with Expedition 10

In order to fight back against Sloth Cloud, Kimma has also announced her father's latest Team Challenge expedition: Expedition 10. Now that Idea Seeker Teams and Fans have learned important information about how droughts work, it's time to practice water conservation and other environmentally-friendly techniques. Play the Expedition 10 steps and learn what kind of grass to use in your lawn and how long to cut it in order to use the least amount of water. Head to the Royal Hedge Maze and begin cleaning up the recyclable trash there by playing the Recycle it! game. Remember, King Daveau will reward one Idea Seeker Team and two of their fans with a trip to Washington, DC on planet Earth to learn more about climate change from Master Idea Seekers, so keep up the fight!

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