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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


''Now now Spec, I will tell you about it later, but right now your sister and I need your help to seal these windows!'' said Lahzar.

''Please grandfather,'' said Spec, ''just one little story!''

''Spec, you heard what Grandfather Lahzar said. Let's get to work!'' sighed Tra.

By now, Grandfather Lahzar and Tra were a little fed up with Spec, but neither of them said anything. ''Spec, did you hear what I just said?'' shouted Tra.

"Even if I did, it wouldn't have been interesting!'' Spec shouted back.

''Children, there isn't any need for all this arguing. Now I'm going to go and get a cup of coffee and when I come back I want you to have sorted this out. Do you understand?'' said Grandfather Lahzar sternly.

''But grandfather -" started Spec and Tra.

''No buts,'' said Grandfather Lahzar.

''Yes grandfather,'' grumbled Tra and Spec.

When Lahzar had gone, Tra noticed something strange about Spec. ''Spec, what's that strange cloud on your head?'' she asked. ''Oh no! Let me guess. You bumped into Sloth Cloud when we were walking here. Didn't you hear mum telling us to be careful of the Clouds of Darkness?'' exclaimed Tra.

"Um, I might have," whispered Spec quietly.

"Spec, you can be a pain sometimes! We better tell Grandfather right away.''

Spec didn't want to tell Grandfather Lahzar because he thought he would be in trouble! He certainly didn't want to get into trouble because his mum said that if he did he wouldn't be allowed to go to his friend's house next week! He told Tra this, but she said he didn't have to tell Grandfather because the same thing had happened to her before and she knew what it was like.

''I've got an idea!'' said Tra suddenly. ''We can ask my Plant Baby for help!" So Tra went off to find her.

Spec just sat there thinking of how silly he was for walking into Sloth Cloud. When Tra got back, her Persistence Plant Baby was ready. ''I know!'' exclaimed Persistence Plant Baby, ''Why doesn't Spec write it down on a piece of paper and give it to Grandfather Lahzar? Then he might understand Spec's point of view!''

It was a wonderful plan. So Tra lent Spec her best notebook and pen so that he could write it down. When Spec had done this, she quietly snuck into the kitchen and put it by the kettle. Grandfather Lahzar would surely find it there. Eventually, he found the note, was a bit disappointed, but forgave Spec and promised not to tell his mother. Spec was incredibly pleased at that and thanked Tra for helping him. He thanked her Persistence Plant Baby for her wonderful idea. And of course, Spec thanked Grandfather Lahzar for being, well, for being his grandfather! Write Me A Story

Lacey Thorn - 11 - UNITED KINGDOM

Story Title: Confidence Saves The Day

Kimma was going to sing a song in the Idea Seeker talent show, but her confidence was getting lower and lower because Proud Cloud was taking all of her confidence and giving her cloud sickness, and everyone was getting worried. Even Hope couldn't cheer her up. Confidence knew that he could help, but he was to busy to go and visit Kimma. Soon the big day arrived when poor Kimma had to perform. The village people were very doubtful about what was going to happen. Meanwhile, backstage, all the plant babies were trying they're best to make Kimma feel better but Confidence was still not turning up.

''What do we do? Kimma is so sad!'' Said Joy, looking at the plant babies.

''Call Confidence! Maybe he can help!'' Said Humor, staring through the curtians of the stage. So, they sent a plant baby to get Confidence and finally he turned up! All of the people thought that the talent show was off, but just then Kimma peeped out of the curtain and started to sing a song! The people clapped and cheered. At the end of the talent show, the judges announced their scores and Kimma won!

''I want to thank Confidence, for helping me with my cloud sickness!'' Said Kimma. The plant babies were awarded with medals for helping and Confidence had a special badge. They all wnt home and Kimma felt much better!



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