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Hey, cats, how's it goin'? My name's Skeeter and there's no Idea Seeker that's sweeter! My main man Dumonde asked me to write a little somethin' for the Sarillion Monitor about my Custom Card Maker. Princess Kimma wants everyone to make a card for Sarillion Day to get excited about fighting climate change and fighting back against the Clouds. Since Sarillion Day isn't only about fighting climate change on Sarillion, that means that we are gonna raise the issue across the Universe and start by making Earth Day cards! And get this-every Earth Day card we make is gonna be sent to members of the United States Congress to ask them to fight climate change too. How cool is that?

How to Use the Custom Card Maker

Using the Card Maker is really easy! Look around the Beach, Restaurant, Distiller's Exploratorium, or other spots around Sarillion for a set of markers. Click on them and they'll take you right to the Card Maker!

  1. With your mouse, click to pick a background color.
  2. With your mouse, click on the pictures and greetings and use your mouse to drag the picture where you want it in the card. Click and drag as many pictures as you want to decorate!
  3. You can use the Custom Card Maker Control Panel to tweak out every graphic in your card. Click on the piece you want to tweak and then use the sliding bars within the control panel. You can fade, turn and resize every image and greeting on your card.
  4. Use the Color area to change the colors of your graphics. Click on the image you want to colorize and then click and drag the circle in the color area to the color you want. You can also click on the colored blocks to choose another color.
  5. Click "Erase/Start Over" if you want to erase everything.
  6. Press the "x," "backspace," or "delete" key on your keyboard to erase the picture or greeting that you last clicked on.
  7. Click "Next" to go to the inside of the card and repeat steps 1-6. You can also click on the background and use your keyboard to type a special message.
  8. When you are done decorating, click "Preview" to view your card!
  9. To send your card to a friend, click "E-mail Your Card," or click "Submit Your Card" to submit it to the Team Challenge for your Team. Even if you e-mail it to a friend, it'll be submitted to the Team Challenge!

You have to make an Earth Day Card to win the Team Challenge!

Remember, cats-you've gotta share the message if you wanna win! Only Teams who make Earth Day Cards will be able to earn King Daveau's rewards for playing. But seriously-all the cards are gonna go to US Congresspeople! Why wouldn't you want to make one? Letting your voice be heard by your representative is one of the coolest things you can do! Have fun, use your creativity, and good luck! Well, I'm late for band practice, so I'll talk atcha later!

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Building cards is one thing-how about building a car? Click here and here to learn what goes into building an automobile. For a cool slide show, click here!)

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