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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 6, 2008 - Issue #35  
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The Darkness grows desperate, sends Angry Cloud to foil Sarillion Day

Last week, The Darkness of Dumbness sent Sloth Cloud to Sarillion to convince the planet that conserving water and recycling plastic and glass is just too much work. Sloth Cloud had some success in the Royal Hedge Maze, but Idea Seeker Teams and Team Fans worked together to show the world that what seemed to be a large scary Cloud was nothing more than a powder-blue puffball. Idea Seekers and Allies learned the importance of keeping recyclable trash out of landfills to reduce methane emissions (which are greenhouse gasses), keeping lawns cut to 3 inches high to save water, and using natural light instead of electricity when possible inside buildings.

Sarillion Monitor

As furious as The Darkness was with Greedy Cloud's failure the previous week, Idea Seeker spies report that he became even more upset with this most recent setback-so upset that he held an emergency meeting with his Clouds of Chaos in order to yell at them. Amazingly, Idea Seeker Spec was on a spying mission at the time and managed to record the entire conversation! We've included this conversation between the Darkness and his Clouds as a bonus About an Idea Seeker feature this week!

Sarillion Day in Jeopardy?

During his meeting with his Clouds, The Darkness was heard explaining that his plan now involves making weather changes that are different than expected in order to ruin Sarillion Day, King Daveau's new holiday dedicated to climate change awareness all across the universe! The Darkness is convinced that King Daveau will look stupid and no one will believe him. Everyone will think he is lying and they won't take action on his ideas. The Darkness hopes this will stop the King from changing people's behaviors. To make this happen, he has sent perhaps his meanest, nastiest Cloud, Angry Cloud, to the planet!

Angry Cloud attacking Frogs!

Angry Cloud's mission is to attack Sarillion's population of amphibians, like frogs and salamanders. Master Idea Seeker Prophets report that Sarillion's amphibian population is suffering from a fungus that grows on their skin, preventing them from absorbing the water they need to live! Sunlight can kill the fungus, but climate change has resulted in a larger number of clouds in many of the areas where the amphibians live. Master Idea Seeker Prophets hope to come up with a way to reverse the cloud cover in these areas, but Angry Cloud plans to spread Cloud Sickness, making people fight and disagree so much about what can be done to help the frogs that nothing will ever get done!

Princess Kimma announces Expedition 11

In order to fight back against the most dangerous of the Clouds' recent attacks, Princess Kimma has announced that her father, King Daveau, has launched Expedition 11. Learn all you can about how amphibians are being threatened by playing the Concentration and W-O-R-D-T-I-F-I-C games, and learn to tell the difference between salamanders and lizards while playing the Expedition 11 nuggets.

Princess Kimma had this to add: "Remember everyone, Angry Cloud is trying to make everyone he can find upset and make them argue and fight with each other so nothing gets done! If you see someone fighting with someone else, help them power up their Plant Babies or find an Idea Seeker who can cure their Cloud Sickness! The more people Angry Cloud converts to become Warrior Drones, the greater the threat to Sarillion's climate! Our fate is in your hands!"

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