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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


"Hmph!" thought Riley, "Everyone knows I'm the best, not Skeeter." Riley was so angry and jealous at Skeeter.

Just then, Skeeter caught up with Riley. "Hi Riley," he said. Riley ignored him. "Hi Riley," Skeeter tried.

Riley was so jealous that he said, "I heard you!"

"Then why didn't you say 'hi' back?" insisted Skeeter.

"Why should I?" shouted Riley. Then Riley walked away.

Skeeter was sad that Riley was clouded and his Confidence Plant Baby was missing.

Confidence Plant Baby was hopping behind Riley. "Hey, hey!" the Confidence Plant Baby said , trying to get Riley's attention.

"What?" Riley said sternly.

"Maybe you should tell Skeeter you're sorry. It's not his fault the classmates gave him Valentines. And you can't blame them." said the Confidence Plant Baby.

"Yeah, maybe I should say sorry," Riley said softly.

The Confidence Plant Baby hopped onto Riley's shoulder. "Now bring me home" said Confidence Plant Baby.

"Okay," said Riley. Then Riley apologized to Skeeter and told him what happened.

Everyone was happy - except Jealousy Cloud! Write Me A Story


Story Title: A big day for Joy Plant Baby

Joy was talking to Hope saying that today was the day she had to go to the eye Dr. she said she needed glasses and at one o clock p.m. she was really scared. But Hope said she needed glasses too!

Joy said Oh no its time I have to go to the eye Dr. Hope came with Joy and her mom and dad.when they were there the eye Dr. said dont be scared.




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