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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 6, 2008 - Issue #35  
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We give you a tip, trick or special code in every issue to help defeat the Darkness!

Help Save Planet Sarillion - Play the Team Challenge

Hi! I'm Dumonde. As we enter our third week of fighting the Clouds during the Team Challenge, I wanted to remind you of a few ways to battle the Clouds and get bonus points while you're playing the Expedition steps. As everyone knows, even the smallest actions can add up to make huge changes, so here's a reminder of all the things you can do!

Uncloud Your Teammates and Team Fans

Idea Seekers-you have the power to cure Cloud Sickness! When a member of your Team gets clouded during an attack by one of the Clouds, click on that person to see their character card. Under the photo of the Cloud that's turned your Teammate or Team Fan into a Warrior Drone, look for the green button marked "Cure Cloud Sickness" and click it. Every time you uncloud a member of your Team, 10 points are added to your Team Score!

Give Native Grass Seed Bags and Reusable Shopping Bags to your Teammates and Team Fans

Giving special gifts to your Team Fans and Teammate is a great way to fight Greedy Cloud and awards your Team bonus points! Go to one of the Power Item Shops and buy either the Native Grass Seeds or Reusable Shopping Bags. Both cost only 10 VPs! Click on a Team Member to bring up their character card and click the button under them that says "Give Gift." Click on the item you want to give your Team Member and in the pop-up, click "Give Gift Now." Whenever you give the Native Grass Seeds or Reusable Shopping Bags to someone on your Team, you will be awarded 10 Points for your Team Score and 10 Virtual Points you can use to buy more gifts. Buy and give as many of these special gifts as you want! Every 10 points gets you closer to being rewarded by King Daveau!

Keep making Earth Day cards!

Even if you've already submitted an Earth Day Card to send to a Congressperson or Senator in the United States Congress on Earth, you can keep designing them to earn more points! Find one of the sets of markers in places throughout the Idea Seeker Universe and click on one to access the Card Maker! Skeeter gave some great tips for using the Card Maker last week - click here to check them out again!

Whatever you do, keep playing the Expeditions and doing whatever you can to fight the Clouds!

Your team doesn't need a lot of fans to make a difference -- if everyone plays the Expedition Steps you will fight the Clouds and earn Team Points. Points just aren't for competing against other Teams-they let you know how much you've done to help Sarillion fight back against the Clouds! The more Points you earn, the harder it gets for the Clouds to cause chaos on the planet. Keep up the fight and keep playing!

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