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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 13, 2008 - Issue #36  
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Angry Cloud Still on the Move-Sarillion Day still in Jeopardy

Idea Seeker Teams and Fans this week have discovered that Angry Cloud can prove to be an awfully stubborn opponent! Last weekend's mass Cloud Attack in the Manabel Island Restaurant left many Idea Seekers arguing and fighting about the best way to fend off Angry Cloud's assault. This of course worked perfectly according to Angry Cloud's plan. His attack caused everyone to argue and fight about the best way to fight him!

Sarillion Monitor

Thankfully, the effect was only temporary as Idea Seekers worked to cure their Team Fans and instruct them in powering up their Plant Babies in order to clear their minds. Still, the damage was done and as a result, Angry Cloud has not gone away and can still be spotted around Manabel Island attempting to throw a wrench into King Daveau's Sarillion Day plans. Angry Cloud continues to target Sarillion's frog and salamander populations, who are being threatened by a fungus that grows on their skin, preventing them from absorbing the water they need to live. Sunlight can kill the fungus, but climate change has resulted in a larger number of clouds in many of the areas where the amphibians live. Angry Cloud has worked to cloud the minds of the Master Idea Seeker Prophets who have been working to find a way to reverse the cloud cover in these areas, turning them into Warrior Drones for the Darkness who do nothing but argue and fight over what the best solution is.

In response to Angry Cloud's continued presence on Sarillion, Princess Kimma released a statement urging the Idea Seekers and Team Fans to continue playing Expeditions 9, 10 and 11 in the Team Challenge. "Look again, look beyond, look with vision!" Kimma said. "We've been bravely fighting back, but Angry Cloud is still on the prowl to capture the minds of anyone who will listen to him! But I know that if we keep up the fight, he'll soon be on the run! Keep playing Expeditions 9, 10 and 11 and keep learning how to protect the poor frogs and salamanders who are suffering from this fungus! Our Idea Seeker Spies tell us that we can chase Angry Cloud away by learning to work together and not argue amongst ourselves! We've got to cooperate and work together to play the Expeditions and learn unclouded behavior!"

King Daveau has announced that if Angry Cloud is defeated this week, he will be able to announce which Teams will receive his rewards, including the 1st place reward of a trip to Washington, DC, the capital of the United States on planet Earth! Keep up the fight, and stay tuned in to the Sarillion Monitor to find out who'll be going to Washington, DC!

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