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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 13, 2008 - Issue #36  
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About an Idea Seeker - Tra

Idea Seeker Tra is not only a well-known Cloud Hunter from the planet Machoo-she's also known among her fellow Idea Seekers as a fierce animal lover. So it's no surprise that she's been very active in the fight to help Sarillion's amphibian population as it tries to fight off the recent fungus infection. The Sarillion Monitor recently took some time to ask Tra what she's been doing to help.

Tra, the recent fungus infection among Sarillion's frogs and salamanders has really had an effect on you, hasn't it?

Gosh, you bet it has! Whenever I'm not fighting the Clouds, I'm trying to help animals in need all across the universe! So when I found out that Angry Cloud was working to make the Idea Seeker Prophets argue and fight and not work together to try to cure these poor frogs and salamanders...OOOH! I almost said "I got really mad," but I try not to let my emotions get the best of me. I'll be no help to anyone if I have Angry Cloud Sickness too!

What do you do to keep yourself from losing your temper when fighting Angry Cloud?

It's very difficult, because anger can spread from one person to another very easily! And I've been fighting off the Cloud sickness of impatience since I was hit by a Gummy Goey Anger Glob thrown at me by Angry Cloud in our fight last week. So I can get frustrated in no time if I don't have one of my Patience Plant Babies with me. That's why I keep my two Patience Plant Babies, Needa and Lotsa powered up. They always help me remember to keep my cool and not blow my top. Thanks to them, I'm able to focus on the task at hand and stay calm instead of getting angry all the time. I don't know what I'd do without them!

So what have you been doing to help uncloud people who have been turned into Angry Cloud's Warrior Drones?

I've been playing the Expeditions like everyone else and learning all I can about why this fungus is making the poor sweet little amphibians sick. Just the other day I was talking to someone about them and they said to me, "I don't care about frogs and lizards! They're not cute and cuddly and they must feel slimy. All they ever do is eat flies and get run over by cars!"

I knew right away that this person had been clouded by Angry Cloud. I had Needa and Lotsa with me and while they helped me stay calm, I gently explained to the person that if frogs die out faster than they're supposed to, fewer insects will be eaten. Then all those extra insects will eat up all our plant life, which means there will be fewer plants to use up the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere! When that Warrior Drone realized how everything in nature is connected like that, he calmed down and his head cleared almost instantly! The Cloud sickness was gone and he became his true self instead of just a Warrior Drone for the Darkness. He later joined up on a Team as a Fan and has been helping play the Team Challenge ever since!

What advice can you give Idea Seekers who are trying to uncloud their friends who have been turned into Warrior Drones?

Don't give up! It may take some persistence, it will definitely take some patience, and it even may take some hope, but remember that the Clouds of Chaos really can only hurt people if people listen to them. When people realize that they don't have to think the way the Clouds are suggesting that they do, the Clouds lose their power! Keep your Plant Babies near and let them help you find the Essence of good within you, and the Clouds won't be able to affect you! Keep up the fight-we can defeat them!

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