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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 13, 2008 - Issue #36  
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Hi! I'm Dumonde. As you may have read in the Inside Scoop, Angry Cloud's still around causing problems for everyone on Sarillion, so the Team Challenge is still in effect! I spoke to a representative of King Daveau who told me that you can keep adding to your Team Score until Midnight ISU Time at the end of the day on Sunday March 16th. So you still have time to add to your Team Score and help save the planet's frogs and salamanders from the fungus that's making them sick!

Remember to Walk With Your Plant Baby!

With Angry Cloud still on the prowl, it's more important than ever for you to walk with your Plant Baby as much as possible and to make sure your Team Fans do the same! A great way to teach your Team Fans about their Plant Babies is to use the slide show in the Distiller's Exploratorium. Call a Team Meeting in the Distiller Room and sit in the teacher's chair. When sitting in the Teacher's chair, you'll be able to click on the slide and begin to teach a class on how to power up Plant Babies! Click on the arrows that show up underneath the slide show in order to move to the next slide.

Plant Baby Seed Pod Trees Planted All Over Sarillion!

If you're still having trouble getting your Team to sprout their Plant Babies, you're in luck! King Daveau has asked Idea Seeker Reminders to plant a number of Plant Baby Seed Pod trees around the Palace grounds and the Beach in an effort to make it easier for newer Fans to sprout their Plant Babies! Look for the tall plants covered in PB seed pods outside the Palace, in the Palace Foyer, on the Beach, and a few other places around Sarillion. Clicking on any of them will take you to Plant Baby Central. Tell your Fans!

New in Kimma's Care Shop-Poison Dart Frog T-Shirts!

What better way to show your support and desire to save Sarillion's amphibians from Angry Cloud's tricks than with these new t-shirts from Kimma's Care Shop? The Poison Dart Frog T-Shirt will remind your fellow Idea Seekers and Allies that we're not only fighting the Clouds for our own benefit-we're fighting for all of Sarillion's animals too! Idea Seekers (paid members) can find them in Kimma's Care Shop for 300 VPs.

If you want to upgrade to an Idea Seeker so you can change what your character from wearing black and white to being able to dress in different clothes and colors, click here.

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