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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 20, 2008 - Issue #37  
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King Daveau Thanks Idea Seekers for Saving Sarillion Day!

The attacks of the past few weeks by Greedy Cloud, Sloth Cloud and Angry Cloud have successfully been beaten back! By playing Expeditions 9, 10 and 11, Idea Seekers and Team Fans learned everything they could about water conservation, recycling, and using natural lighting in buildings to reduce CO2 emissions.

The last couple weeks saw Angry Cloud trying his best to prevent everyone on Sarillion from learning anything or changing their behaviors for the better. After his Cloud Sickness Attacks in the Manabel Island Restaurant and Village, people spent so much time arguing about the best way to fight Angry Cloud that no fighting actually got done! Fortunately, Idea Seeker Teams and Team Fans banded together to power up their Plant Babies in order to clear their own heads. They were then able to work to cure others suffering from Angry Cloud Sickness and get everyone to focus on playing the Expeditions. As soon as that happened, Angry Cloud's power faded and he was soon driven from the planet.

Sarillion Monitor

King Daveau thanks everyone for their tireless efforts over the past few weeks! Thanks to the efforts of everyone who played the Team Challenge, the King's Sarillion Day activities will go on as planned. "We must always be on the lookout for Clouded thinking," King Daveau said today in a statement. "While the immediate danger Angry Cloud posed to our planet's frogs and salamanders has passed, there is no telling when the Darkness of Dumbness will send his Clouds to try other tricks to plunge our world into a climate crisis and stop idea seeking and teamwork for finding solutions. The Darkness would like to make us all his Warrior Drones. But for now, let us celebrate! We have worked hard and won, it is time to share our gratitude. Our Sarillion Day festivities will not be cancelled!

"Soon I will reward one of the Idea Seeker Teams and two of their Team Fans with a trip to Washington, DC on Planet Earth," King Daveau continued. "Earth is a good learning ground for us to see what can happen if clouded thinking is not resisted and to see what determined Idea Seekers can do to make a difference on a planet. We will model our Sarillion Day to follow their Earth Day celebration! I'm more than happy to send some of our best Idea Seekers and their team members to the United States capital to see what they can learn about the issues and outcomes of climate change. The climate change fighting actions they will learn on their trip will help us all!"

Stay tuned to the Sarillion Monitor for King Daveau's announcement! Soon King Daveau will announce the Teams and Fans who will be rewarded with his 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prizes. When that happens, we'll be there! Stay tuned!

Sarillion Monitor

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