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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 20, 2008 - Issue #37  
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About an Idea Seeker - Dumonde

Idea Seeker Scribe Dumonde is a regular contributor to the Sarillion Monitor. He can often be found in the Tips & Tricks section giving Idea Seekers and Allies helpful hints for making their way around Sarillion and playing the Team Challenge. We asked Dumonde this week to tell us what he's been doing to help fight the Darkness during the most recent Team Challenge.

Dumonde, you're an Idea Seeker Scribe. What does that mean during the Team Challenge?

A Scribe's job is to observe, write down, and record the adventures of the Idea Seekers as we fight against The Darkness and spread the teachings of the Essence of Good. So while I help as much as I can by playing Kind Daveau's Expeditions and learning as much as I can about Global Climate Change, I also need to write down everything that happens during our adventures: Cloud Attacks, how we fight back, everything!

How exactly does that help during an attack by the Darkness or his Clouds?

Well, I understand it just sounds like I'm writing in a book while everyone else is doing the "hard" work. But that's definitely not the case! For example: during the last Team Challenge, while playing Expeditions 6, 7 and 8, I wrote a lot about the Cloud's behaviors, and when I went back and re-read what I wrote, I discovered something that helped me fight successfully. Here is what I learned: Clouds don't work well together at all! They're always bickering, arguing, and fighting with each other and when that happens, it is a good time to slip away from them or take back what they have been trying to steal from others. I'm not afraid to leave when there is an opportunity. I can always fight back when the time is right but as a Scribe, it is more important to write down and share what I have learned and recorded in my notebook so that Idea Seeker Cloud Hunters can get better at Waba kicking and get rid of more Cloud Mist.

Why do you think that is?

The Clouds stand for selfish behaviors, and are never willing to work together. Greedy Cloud wants all the credit for anything they do, so he doesn't want to share the glory with anyone. Sloth Cloud-well, he's so lazy that it's impossible to get him to do almost anything, never mind doing anything with the other Clouds! And Angry Cloud...well...he's so busy trying to get everyone to fight with each other that he never goes with the group's plan. So much for Cloud cooperation or teamwork!

When I figured this out, I went straight to King Daveau with the news. We realized that the Clouds' greatest weakness is that they won't work as a team. Immediately King Daveau issued a statement urging the Idea Seeker Teams to use more teamwork and organization in order to play the Expeditions and fight back. Sure enough, everyone got motivated, worked together, and saved the day!

Wow! So it sounds like being a Scribe is very important work.

It is, but it's no more important than anything that other Idea Seeker roles do when fighting the Clouds. Sure, I may be able to determine the battle plans of the Darkness and the individual weaknesses of each Cloud, but if people still don't work together to clear up the Cloud Sickness in each others' lives, we'll just keep doing things that are harmful to the planet, the animals and other kids in the Universe. We have to stop being wasteful with energy and conserve water or we will cause problems for the planet. Everyone's job is equally important, from the Cloud Hunters that strategize and fight the Clouds directly, to the Distillers who teach the nature of the Essence to others. We all work together to keep Sarillion-and the rest of the universe-safe.

Dumonde, thanks for your time today.

No problem! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to head home and start work on an indoor kitchen composting machine for my parents. To my way of thinking, you gotta make a difference if you're going to breathe the air!

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