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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 20, 2008 - Issue #37  
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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

The story continues from this beginning:

Spec and Tra are in the Royal Hedge Maze cleaning up the recyclable litter that has been tossed everywhere. They ask Riley and Skeeter to help, but notice that instead of helping, they're just lazily kicking the trash back and forth! Spec and Tra realize that Sloth Cloud has gotten a hold on Skeeter and Riley. Could a Persistence Plant Baby help? Write the rest of the story.

Spec and Tra did not know how Persistence Plant Baby could face the fierce Sloth Cloud alone. They didn't want to cause trouble, so they agreed to help Riley and Skeeter. They went to the Power Items Shop in the Royal Palace to get Persistence Plant Baby powered up to tackle Sloth Cloud. Tra didn't think that Persistence Plant Baby was ready, but before she could say something, Persistence was off to face Sloth Cloud. Persistence Plant Baby was nervous and began to shake, but the fight began. Sloth Cloud was a tough match, but just as Persistence thought about giving up, he pressed his special button. He grew bigger and bigger until he could take out Sloth Cloud with one punch and the cloud disappeared in a flash. While regaining his normal size, Persistence thought he saw Riley and Skeeter heading up to cuddle him for saving their lives, but then he noticed it wasn't him they were running to; it was their parents. The Plant Baby smiled and wandered off to see Spec and Tra. When he arrived, they had a huge party for defeating Sloth Cloud and the clouds didn't come near anyone ever again. Write Me A Story


Story Title: Persistence named King Sarillion

One day i was sitting down on my favorite chair in my house. I was looking at the beutiful beach and all the sudden i herd a knock at the door. A Persistence Plant Baby was at the door. I said,''Hello. Who's your owner?''. He said King of Sarillion. I thought he was cute. I asked him how he got to Washi. He loudly stated that he floted in to space and he could see the Washi moon so he landed there. He said he went door to door to door to get someone to bring him home. He thought i might, so I did.

I made a new rocket ship so i blasted off to Sarillion. When we reached the palace we went in Kimma's room to see if she or the King was home. Sure enough they were having a family meeting about the Plant Baby. I told the Plant Baby to walk in side but he wouldn't budge without me going with him. I walked in there and the King was so glad to see his Plant Baby he was so proud of me too. He said, ''In a reward for you here is King Sarillion the Plant Baby!''. I was so exited my first Plant Baby this is so cool! That's how i own King Sarillion the Plant Baby.



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