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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 20, 2008 - Issue #37  
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Multiple Servers Needed to Access Idea Seeker Universe!

Hi! I'm Dumonde. You may have noticed something new in the last week when visiting Sarillion to help fight the Clouds of Chaos. When logging in to travel to Sarillion via your computer, you may have noticed a screen pop up that's labeled "Server Selector." King Daveau's efforts to attract Idea Seekers and Allies to Sarillion to fight the Clouds and celebrate Sarillion Day have increased the number of visitors to the planet-to the point that Sarillion's computer systems needed to add more computer servers to handle the traffic!

When the Server Selector screen pops up, simply click on the server you'd like to use to take you into the Idea Seeker Universe. The amount of dark blue next to each server's button shows how busy each server is. The more dark blue, the busier. If you see a smiley face next to the server, that means that the people on your Friends list can be found in that part of the Idea Seeker Universe!

When you're walking and talking around Manabel Island and the Royal Palace, you'll be able to switch servers if you decide you want to. Just click on the server button right above your Plant Baby button and you'll be taken back to the Server Selector screen! Then you can decide where you want to go next.

New at Kimma's Care Shop: Ooga-Booga Boots!

New Ooga-Booga Boots are available at Kimma's Care Shop! Clomp and stomp around the Idea Seeker Universe in this flashy yet functional footwear. Only 375 VPs!

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