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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 27, 2008 - Issue #38  
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Congratulations to Team Pink Panda Bear!

King Daveau and the Idea Seeker Council congratulate Daisy Kurt and Lauren Pie, Team Pink Panda Bear, on their excellent work during the Team Challenge! The Pink Pandas finished in 1st place with 229,173 points and were aided by over 900 Team Fans! Daisy, an Idea Seeker Diplomat and Lauren, an Idea Seeker Prophet, completed all the steps in Expeditions 9, 10 and 11, fighting back against the Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds of Chaos: Greedy Cloud, Sloth Cloud, and Angry Cloud! The Pink Pandas helped send the Clouds running back to the Darkness by learning about water conservation, the use of rain barrels, using natural lighting in buildings, and how amphibians have been threatened by increased cloud cover due to Climate Change. Daisy and Lauren kept their Plant Babies powered up in order to play the Expeditions, and designed excellent Earth Day Cards to submit to members of the US Congress!

Sarillion Monitor

Winners now head to Washington, DC!

King Daveau and the Idea Seeker Council are excited to send Team Pink Panda Bear, two of their Team Fans (Allies to the Idea Seekers both working as Idea Seeker Cloud Hunters) and their parents to Washington, DC, the United States capital on Planet Earth, to participate in Earth Day events from April 17-20. You can even meet them when they visit the National Zoo! Or, if you can't be there, they will be reporting about what they are doing and learning every day during the trip. So watch for their Idea Seeker blog reports! Watch for more information on the trip-as well as the names of the Team Fans heading to Washington-coming soon.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Place Teams to be rewarded also!

King Daveau also is rewarding three other teams for their efforts! Each Team Member on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place Teams will receive the following:

  • Plush Frog
  • Hope Plant Baby Keychain
  • 5 Collectible Plant Baby Reward Cards (worth 1000 VPs each)
  • 5 pencils

Two Fans on each team will also get a 3-month Idea Seeker Subscription, and all Fans on each winning Team will receive a Royal Palace Spa virtual item that powers up their Plant Baby for 2 weeks! King Daveau will announce the Teams being rewarded with these great prizes soon!

Stay tuned for more Team Fun on the way!

King Daveau has announced that in the coming weeks there will be many opportunities for the rest of Sarillion to join in on the excitement of Team Pink Panda Bear's upcoming trip to DC. Currently, you can join the What Would You Wear to DC? Contest, going on right now! Check out the Special Feature for more on this fun activity! And stay tuned to the Sarillion Monitor for updates about the upcoming trip, a sendoff party for the winners, and of course, King Daveau's Sarillion Day activities!

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