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About an Idea Seeker - Grande Confidence Plant Baby

Grande Confidence is Idea Seeker Scribe Dumonde's Confidence Plant Baby. In light of Dumonde's interview last week, as well as the recent opening of the Scribe's Studio, we thought we'd find out what a Plant Baby can do to help a Scribe do their job!

Grande, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.

Any time! I just know we're going to put a great interview together.

So you're a Confidence Plant Baby. In general, what does that involve? What's a Confidence Plant Baby's job?

I help people believe in themselves when they aren't as confident as they can be! But I help in a way that keeps them from getting a big head. It's possible to believe in yourself in a way that's not bragging.

How did you come to belong to Dumonde?

Dumonde got me as a gift from his friends Spec and Tra when he began his Idea Seeker Training. Dumonde was very excited about being trained, but he wasn't entirely sure he was the right kind of person to be an Idea Seeker. When he met Spec and Tra, he had never seen someone from another planet before! Here were these two Cloud Hunters, Waba-kicking and flying cool spaceships, and Dumonde thought "well, I'm just a regular person from Earth-what help can I be?" That's when Spec and Tra decided to give me to Dumonde.

What did you do for him?

Well, Dumonde was amazed that Spec and Tra thought enough of him that they gave him a Confidence Plant Baby. Did you know that we're apparently one of the hardest kinds of Plant Babies to care for? He thought if they trusted him with me, that they must believe in him, so he began to believe in himself! It helped him believe that he had the right stuff to be an Idea Seeker.

How do you help him now?

Well, even though he began to show more confidence after he got me, he still had his bouts of nervousness. He still prefers to stay off to the side while the others fight the Clouds directly, so that he can record everything happening in his Role as an Idea Seeker Scribe. And that's fine! It's important work! But sometimes he still feels guilty that he's not doing something more active, like a Cloud Hunter. So I need to remind him that what he's doing is important too!

Has Dumonde been to the new Scribe's Studio yet?

Actually, he helped build the room! Dumonde designed the viewscreen and cameras. He thought it would be a great way to boost someone's confidence, to get them in front of a TV camera! It's so true. Getting together with a group of people to put a news broadcast together takes teamwork and skill, and really, no matter what your job is, when the newscast is over everyone feels like they really accomplished something! If that doesn't build confidence, I don't know what does!

(Note: At this point Dumonde entered the room.)

Dumonde: Hi, everyone! How's the interview going?

Just fine, Dumonde. Grande's been very helpful.

Dumonde: Yeah, he's really comfortable around people. He's not shy or timid like I can be sometimes. Actually, that's why I'm here. Grande, I need your help!

Grande: What's up, Dumonde?

Dumonde: I'm about to host my first newscast on the ISNN over in the Scribe's Studio, and I'm so nervous I feel like I might faint! Will you come with me and be there when I go live?

Grande: Of course! That's what I'm here for!

(With that, Dumonde and Grande left the room, ending our interview. Tune in next time for another informative chat with an Idea Seeker!)

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