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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 27, 2008 - Issue #38  
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Scribe's Studio now open in the Training Tower!

Hi! I'm Dumonde. By now you've surely stumbled across the latest Idea Seeker Role Room to be opened by King Daveau in the Training Tower-The Scribe's Studio! Idea Seeker Scribes are people like me-people determined to write and record the adventures of the Idea Seekers and pass on the knowledge they learn about the Essence of Good and defeating the Clouds of Chaos. The Scribe's Studio is set up to do just that.

Inside the Studio you'll see the set for the Idea Seeker News Network (ISNN)-Sarillion's own Idea Seeker news station! To run your own news broadcast, sit in the anchor's chair behind the green desk and click the ISNN News Screen. The controls for the screen will appear in a box to the right of the screen which you can use to click through the different news slides on the screen! Deliver the news in your own words.

Is someone else the anchor? You can help by operating one of the cameras, or by typing your own news stories by accessing Write Me A Story. Click the books on the desks in order to access either Write Me A Story or Jardim Forest's Plant Baby Write Me a Story. The Scribe's Studio has lots of other great resources to use while telling others the story of the Idea Seekers!

Now in Kimma's Care Shop: Newscaster Outfits!

Every good newscaster knows that it's important to look your best in front of the camera! Dress up in these sleek newscaster outfits when delivering the news in the Scribe's Studio! Guy and girl designs are both available!

  • Boy Newscast Shirt with Jacket - 400 VPs
  • Boy Newscast Shirt & Tie - 350 VPs
  • Boy Dress Pants - 325 VPs
  • Girl Newscast Shirt with Blazer - 400 VPs
  • Girl V-Neck & Necklace - 350 VPs
  • Girl Skirt with Belt - 325 VPs

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