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Idea Seeker Adventure in Washington, DC!

King Daveau is sending Team Pink Panda Bear, winners of the Team Challenge, on a trip to Washington, DC on planet Earth! There they will be visiting the National Zoo to learn about animals affected by Climate Change. They'll also go geocaching in the city with their new handheld GPS devices!

Pink Pandas to Report for ISNN!

King Daveau wishes for all Idea Seekers and Allies to benefit and learn from the trip to Washington, DC. That's why he has made the Pink Pandas honorary Idea Seeker News Network (ISNN) reporters! Daisy Kurt, Lauren Pie, and Team Fans Fuji Dragon and Arielle Humble will be reporting on all their activities on their blogs, which will be found in the Scribe's Studio and on their Idea Seeker Home Pages. You can get involved by asking our Pink Panda reporters questions about their upcoming trip on the On Location Message Board! Head there now and post a question you'd like our reporters to answer.

Sarillion Monitor

Come to the On Location River Cleanup!

If asking a question and reading the blogs isn't enough for you, you can always head to Washington, DC to meet the Team Challenge winners at the On Location on Saturday, April 19! Team Pink Panda Bear will be participating in the Rock Creek/Potomac River Clean-up event from 9-11 AM at the National Zoo. Registration starts at Parking Lot D. After the clean-up event the winners will be going geocaching in the Zoo, so bring a GPS device if you own one and come along! Come help make a difference at the Rock Creek/Potomac River Clean-up on April 19!

What will you wear to the On Location? Vote starting April 7th on the best outfits in the "What Would You Wear to DC?" contest! Check the Special Feature for more!

Don't forget the Sendoff Party April 16!

Finally, don't forget about the sendoff party in the Restaurant on April 16! Wish the Pink Pandas well on their journey to Washington, DC. All party attendees will receive a free virtual item for attending! Celebrate the trip to Washington, DC and get ready to come along to the On Location, or follow along on the Team Challenge blogs, brought to you by the Idea Seeker News Network!

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