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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   April 3, 2008 - Issue #39  
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Hi! I'm Dumonde. I hope you're as excited as I am about the upcoming On Location in Washington, DC! My parents travel a lot because of their jobs as anthropologists, but I'm really hoping that we can work Washington, DC into our family schedule. If we can't, I'll be happy to read along about Team Pink Panda Bear's adventure in their blogs. Did you know that the Team Challenge winners aren't the only ones who are able to use their writing talents to be creative on Sarillion? You can too, with Write Me A Story!

Express Yourself with Write Me A Story!

Sarillion has many different versions of Write Me A Story and many different ways to use your creativity. There's the Plant Baby Write Me A Story, where you can take the beginning of a story involving an Idea Seeker, one of the Clouds of Chaos, and a Plant Baby, and write the rest of the story. There's also my friend Skeeter's Write Me A Story, where you're given a character, a prop, and a place, and asked to write a story around them.

You can get to both of these fun activities in the Scribe's Studio! Just click on the books labeled "Write Me A Story" on the desks in the Studio to get to the Stories. You can also vote on the best stories from last week!

Finally, if you head to Venezia Village on Sarillion's water-covered moon, Washi, you'll find a Writer's Workshop that will take you to the Venezia Village WMAS! There, you can write about whatever's on your mind! These stories will be posted to your Idea Seeker Home Page so you can always go back to them or show your friends!

By the way, if you're an Ally, some of these Write Me A Story activities aren't available to you. Do you want to take part in the fun and creativity too? Upgrade to Idea Seeker status today and start writing!

Now on Sale at Kimma's Care Shop: Team Challenge Winner T's!

Congratulate the Team Challenge Winners in style by wearing the official Team Pink Panda Bear T-Shirt! It's available in both boys' and girls' styles right now at Kimma's Care Shop, where proceeds from each sale go to scientific research on Sarillion! Buy one for only 100 VPs!

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