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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 19, 2007 - Issue #4  
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Angry Cloud

Every issue we’ll interview someone from the Idea Seeker Universe and ask five questions. Idea Seekers, Plant Babies, KidsCom Staff Members… and maybe even a surprise guest or two!

Meet Skeeter

Readers beware! Our regularly scheduled interview has been interrupted by the meanest of murky mists… Angry Cloud! He's demanding we speak with him, and we're leaving our tape recorders on so that you, the readers, can get an inside glimpse into one of the worst Clouds of Chaos ever to appear in the Idea Seeker Universe – ANGRY CLOUD.

Umm… what is it that you want… um… Mr. Cloud?

My name is ANGRY Cloud, not Mr. Cloud! Use my full name when you speak to me!

Yes… yes, sir, Mr. Clou-, I mean Mr. Angry Cloud, sir. Why have you come here today?

I've been reading your little SAR-ILL-ION MON-EYE-TORE here… and it's making me angry!

That's a big surprise.


No, it's… just… well, you're ANGRY Cloud. Being angry is… kind of your thing.

It makes me mad when other people tell me that I'm too ANGRY! You'd better watch out, or you'll know what it's like to feel really BAD, ALL THE TIME! I'll spear you with my Invisible Hate Arrows!

What's an… um… "Invisible Hate Arrow?"

I use Invisible Hate Arrows to break up friendships or cause fights among family members. Since the arrows are invisible, nobody knows where they're coming from. So they start blaming each other, instead of realizing that I'm actually responsible! Hahahahaha! It's so perfect!

That's what you use to make people angry?

Naw, I've got all kinds of weapons I can use! There's the Gummy, Gooey Anger Globs – those are one of my FAVORITES! I launch these nasty blobs of anger one at a time from a slingshot, or a whole bunch at once from my catapult. You didn't know I had a catapult, did you?

Um, no I didn't.

I use that to throw a whole bunch of Gummy, Gooey Anger Globs to really get people covered. The more goo you get hit with, the angrier you become until you get crazy mad and start lashing out at everybody. It's great to make others as unhappy as I am, isn't it?

But you don't have to be mad just because things aren't going well around you.

You can't imagine the kind of things that I have to put up with around the other Clouds. They make me EVEN ANGRIER THAN YOU DO!

You get angry at the other Clouds, too?

They're all morons! I would have conquered Sarillion a hundred times by now if it weren't for their complete stupidity. They can't do anything right. And so I have to do it all. Someone needs to boss them around. I'd be a much better leader than the Darkness! All of the universe would fear the name of ANGRY CLOUD!

You're… sure that it's a good idea to complain about the Darkness here? I mean, everyone in the universe can read the Sarillion Monitor…

That's why I'm here! I've been reading your lousy Monitor and I've got some REAL PROBLEMS with you PEOPLE!

Like, um… like what?

For starters, featuring all of these IDEA SEEKERS all the time, like they're the only ones who can do anything. I HATE THEM. They're always traveling around the universe, undoing my evil work, telling people about the Essence of Good and how to solve problems. I work hard to make people mad. I work hard to turn people against each other! I work hard to make people complain about and even FIGHT each other. Whenever they wreck my plans, it makes me SO MAD!

So… then why are you here, Angry Cloud?

The Sarillion Monitor is helping the Idea Seekers become stronger every day! Every time someone BECOMES AN IDEA SEEKER, it gets harder and harder to make them fail. For every person who becomes an Idea Seeker, I lose a person who I can make angry. And that's BAD FOR ME!

But it's good for everyone else, right?

WRONG! As long as people listen to me, as long as people are mad at each other, as long as PEOPLE WANT TO BE ANGRY, I'll always be there!

So, if I don't listen to you, there's nothing you can do?


If just get up and walk away, there's nothing you can do, is there? You can only make people angry if they listen to your lies!

That's not true, I…


When someone's acting angry, I don't have to let it make me angry, too. So I'm going to leave the room!



That's when we at the Sarillion Monitor closed the door on Angry Cloud. With nobody around to listen to him, he eventually disappeared. That just goes to show that when Angry Cloud is in your face, you don't have to join him and get mad. You can always walk away!

We'll be back next week with our regularly scheduled programming!

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