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Holly, 9, USA

My name is Pete the Alien, and I live in Cyberspace. Tomorrow is the first day of my birthday. You may be wondering why it's my first day, not just my birthday. Well, birthdays in Cyberspace are different from Planet Earth. Each birthday lasts 12 days.

"Pete!" exclaimed Noel, my little sister. "Happy First-Day-Of-Birthday! How does it feel to be nine, Pete?"

Noel is only six, but she is interested in me.

"Great!" said our brother, Charlie.

"Great, Noel," I said. I turned to Charlie. "Hey, the Charlester," Noel giggled at my joke.

"Hey, you've been working on your jokes," said Charlie, laughing.

I laughed too. "Indeed, Ole' Charles."

Molly came in the kitchen, too. "Where's mom?" she asked.

"In her room," we all answered. Molly is our little sister. She's five, and really bossy. Noel walked over to Molly. "Molly, don't you remember? It's Pete's birthday. Say it happy birthday Pete."

"No, I preferů no, no," she snapped, running to Mother's room.

"Oh, well. It's ok, I guess," I said and I smiled. Noel smiled, too. Then Nina walked in. "Happy Birthday, Pete!" she cried. Nina is our older sister. She's 16. Guess what. Nina has a boyfriend named Jackson.

"Why, isn't it the Birthday Boy?" said a voice.

"Mom!" I said happily.

"For your big breakfast we're having eye-ball cakes!"

Yum, this may sound gross to you, but it's delicious. We're aliens, remember? I sat down next to Charlie. Noel smiled at Nina. Nina smiled at Charlie. Charlie smiled at Molly, and Molly smiled at Mom. Mom smiled at dad, and Dad smiled at Noel! Why is everyone smiling?

"Pete, we have a card for you," Dad handed I a card to me.

As soon as I saw the front, I laughed. It was a human family smiling at each other. "Oh, thanks guys! I can't believe that a brave alien traveled to Planet Earth, and got such a great photo."

Noel laughed, and so did everybody else.


Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Kristen, 10, USA

When Spec gets to Blaycor he goes to a store that says free printing. Right alway an idea comes to his head! Spec says," now i know what to do,I'll make posters with my message on them and i'll hang them up everywhere!

After Spec had put all the posters up, he went home. While looking out his window, he notices nobody was paying attention to his posters.

So the next day Spec woke up and went outside to make a speech. Spec says loudly, "You people will not survive in this city if you dont listen to my message!

When he said that all the people started listening to him.after that the people survived and spec left for a new mission!!!



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