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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   April 17, 2008 - Issue #40  
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About an Idea Seeker - Queen Keyara

King Daveau's wife, Queen Keyara, is a Master Idea Seeker Scribe who is responsible for recording the history of Sarillion and its struggle against the Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds. This week we talk to her to discuss Sarillion's cultural exchange with Earth and how this relates to this weekend's On Location in Washington, DC.

Your Highness, how did your role in-

Oh please, let's not be so formal! Queen Keyara is fine.

As you wish! Queen Keyara, how did your role in Sarillion's cultural exchange with Earth come about?

My husband, King Daveau, and I came up with the idea during the last major attack by the Darkness-the drought that he sent Greedy Cloud here to cause. We realized that while we have come a long way on this planet with everything we've learned about how to be more energy efficient-walking and biking short distances, using less water at home, using rain barrels-there's still a lot we have to learn. And our Idea Seeker friends from Earth tell us the same thing! They are learning so much here on Sarillion that not everyone on Earth is aware of yet. If our planets work together, we can stand up to the Darkness together and help each other become more energy efficient faster!

Is this why there are videos about Earth in the Scribe's Studio?

Absolutely! We've only recently discovered how our own ice caps are in danger from the Climate Change on our world, but Earth's space agencies have been studying this for some time now. Perhaps if we learn about why the Earth's ice caps are getting smaller, we can apply that knowledge to our own world!

How excited are you for the On Location in Washington, DC this weekend?

Oh, I couldn't be more excited! I love it whenever King Daveau is able to send some Idea Seekers and Allies to Earth to work with their Master Idea Seekers. The Master Idea Seeker Prophets on Earth are doing so much valuable work that can help every planet in the Universe, and the knowledge they bring back to Sarillion with them after their trips is so important. And of course, they get to have fun too! I love seeing the photos they take of the beautiful Earth animals, like panda bears and tigers. I love seeing photos of baby tiger cubs!

We can see where your daughter, Princess Kimma, gets her love of animals from.

Oh, certainly.

Do you have anything else to say to the Idea Seekers and Allies who are thinking about attending the On Location this weekend, or to those who can't make it?

If you can go to the On Location, make a day of it! Why not? It's absolutely free, and in return for your time you get to meet many wonderful Idea Seekers, Allies and their family members while doing something positive for the environment-cleaning up one of America's most historic rivers! A few hours of the day is nothing compared to memories that will last a lifetime and actions that will affect future citizens of Earth. But if DC is too far to travel, we understand. Just be sure to follow along on the Team Challenge Report and the Video Blogs! That's why we Idea Seeker Scribes are here-to help document the adventures of the Idea Seekers for those who can't always be there, and so we all can learn with them! We hope you can make it!

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