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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Dumonde and Riley go to a science supply store to buy some parts Dumonde needs to build a motorized rain barrel that waters the lawn automatically when it's full. However, when they get to the store Dumonde realizes that all the motorized parts he needs use way too much energy! He really wants to build his invention and doesn't care how much energy it will use. Riley spies a pink mist around Dumonde's head--Desire Cloud is affecting his thinking! Can Riley find a Gratitude Plant Baby that might help? Write the rest of the story.

Dumonde was excited that all the things he needed were on sale, but Desire Cloud had heard about the sale too. Even though they used too much energy, Dumonde threw all the parts he needed into his cart.

"Whoa dude! You can't get this! Look at all the energy it takes up!" Riley said. He was confused because usually Dumonde cares a lot about energy. But then Riley looked up and saw the pink mist above Dumonde's head and looked for his Gratitude Plant Baby.

Gratitude Plant Baby sang a song to Dumonde:

"Be thankful and be smart with choices you make. When you desire something remember this mistake! Look deep down! Wash away that desire! Look up higher!"

Dumonde looked up. "Oh no! Desire Cloud!" Dumonde kicked the cloud and went to get some parts that use less energy. Write Me A Story

Cristie Leaping - 10 - UNITED KINGDOM

Story Title: The Space Trip

As the Idea Seekers climbed onto the ship with there Plant Babies, the crowd cheered. The Idea Seekers and Plant Babies were going to the moon in a rocket. They were al, entering the rocket with there space suits on. ''Boy this is gonna be great!'' said Tra. ''Yep fantastic'' sang here Persistence Plant Baby. Everybody got in there seats, Spec was driving with Tra, behind them was Kimma and Skeeter, then Dumonde with Riley on a specil seat. And of course the Plant Babies, who were on the owners laps. They all fasened there seat belts, and Spec did the signal to start the rocket.

''5 , 4 , 3 , 2 1 , BLAST OFF!!!'' everyone cried as the blasted into space. The rocket was going so fast, so they all had to hold on tight. ''WOOOOO'' said Skeeter wavuing his arms in the air. The rocket got faster and faster, blasting futher out of the world. Soon they were compleatly in space, Spec turned the wheel left so the rocket would head for the moon, not the sun. The rocket got slower, as Tra spotted the moon below them. They landed and everybody got out the rocket. It was amazing.

''I never thought something grey and rocky would be so cool!'' said Dumonde. Kimma and Confidence started to exsplore a giant rock covered in dust. There were lots of rocks and dust. It was plain and dull. ''This planet could use a makeover'' squeaked Hope. Her owner Spec laughed ''It sure would dp with some colour'' he joked.

Riley started running to a hole. They all followed him until they saw a giant hole going down through the moon. ''A sand pit'' whispered Kimma. ''Wow'' said Balance in amazment. Spec started to climbdown the pit.

''Spec what are you doing???'' asked Dumonde. ''What im a guy i can exspoler can't I?'' said Spec. ''I guess...'' said Dumonde. ''Then lets go'' snaped Spec. ''It might be dangeroud tho'' said Kimma. ''We can do it, were Idea Seekers we have the power'' Tra sang. The other idea seekers just shrrugged and followed Spec and Tra.



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