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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 1, 2008 - Issue #41  
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Hurricane Hits the Beach-Sarillion Fights Flooding!

Last week Manabel Island was struck by a hurricane that left the Beach a complete mess! High-powered winds knocked umbrellas and chairs out of place, and the Help Hut was damaged by the heavy rains. Most alarming, though, was that the hurricane caused a huge flood that left large sections of the Beach too damp and soaked to walk in! The damaged caused by the hurricane and the flooding has been unlike anything Manabel Island has seen before.

In response to the flood, Princess Kimma sent out a call to action for all Idea Seekers and Allies on Sarillion. "We need you at the Beach more than ever!" Kimma said. "The flood waters are in danger of damaging the huts and other buildings on the Island. Even worse, many of the animals have been displaced and have been flooded out of their homes! We need to do what we can to help! If we band together to build an emergency sandbag wall on the Beach, we can hopefully stop the flood waters from destroying more buildings and harming more animals. Head to the Waterfall and work to earn sandbags that we can use to build the wall and protect the Beach and the many wonderful animals on our planet! My Father the King is counting on you to help make a difference!"

Greedy Cloud making things worse?

Idea Seekers and Allies have been hard at work earning sandbags for the flood wall for the last week, but progress has been slow. Master Idea Seekers insist that much of the blame for this falls on Greedy Cloud, who was spotted last week floating around Villach Village near the Beach. Some of the people who arrived at the Island last week to help with the water stopping sandbag wall were spotted diving near the large coral reef just off the shore of the Beach. The divers were removing chunks of coral from the reef to take home for souvenirs! This weakened portions of the coral reef, so that it can't be the natural barrier it usually is for stopping heavy weather. Big waves of water are slamming into the Beach, occasionally knocking down portions of the wall.

Sarillion Monitor Sarillion Monitor

When these coral thieves were confronted, Idea Seekers noticed a yellowish mist floating around their heads. Some of the people who arrived on the Beach to help were turned into Greedy Cloud's Warrior Drones! Idea Seekers used Balance and Gratitude Plant Babies to clear the Warrior Drones' heads and bring them back to normal. However, more new arrivals to the Beach get clouded every day.

Help fight the Flood!

If you haven't helped fight the water from rising further on the Beach yet, now is the time to start! Click the sign near the flood waters or head to the Waterfall and click on the sandbag you find there to play Sandbag Stacker and earn bags that will immediately show up on the Beach as part of the wall! Check out more in this issue's Tips & Tricks where Dumonde explains what is happening!

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