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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 1, 2008 - Issue #41  
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About an Idea Seeker - Princess Kimma

As an Idea Seeker Reminder, it's Princess Kimma's job to alert Idea Seekers and Allies when they are needed to fight against The Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos. This week, we spoke to Princess Kimma about the Flood on the Beach.

Kimma, why is the Beach important and why should everyone work to save it from this flood?

The Beach is one of the most popular destinations on the entire planet of Sarillion! People come from all across the galaxy to enjoy the Beach and use it to relax and recharge. But that's just one reason why the Beach is so important. It's also important as a home or feeding ground for so many different kinds of animals, and having this change to the environment is throwing the ecosystem out of whack!

Do you think there's any truth to the reports that Greedy Cloud has been floating around making the situation worse?

Well, I haven't seen him yet myself, but I have run into a few people who had been turned into his Warrior Drones. In fact, my friend Riley was in the Village just a few days ago on a break from helping with the wall when he saw some people showing off pieces of coral they broke off from the reef that is off the coast of the Beach! Apparently some one with a yellow cloud over his head had suggested to people on the beach that it was ok to go to the reef and break off pieces to take home as souvenirs. But what they weren't told was that stepping on and breaking off pieces from a coral reef isn't a good thing to do. Coral is made up of tiny little creatures and when they are killed off there is no longer a natural buffer to keep the waves from pounding up on the beach and flooding the Island.

Riley and Skeeter went out on a boat to where the coral reef was and they ran into Master Idea Seeker Toosah who also told them about coral bleaching. This is when coral die off because of things like water temperature changes, pollution, overfishing and other things. Riley and Skeeter spread the word with the help of their Plant Babies so now people on the beach know the facts and will stop harming the coral reefs.

After Riley stopped a bunch of tourists heading out to the reef in a boat, he heard a screech and a loud voice yelled "Curses! Those Idea Seekers are stopping my plans again!" He spun around and saw a wispy trail of yellow mist. I think it must have been Greedy Cloud!

Does it frustrate you knowing that the Clouds are always around trying to encourage people to do stupid things that harm the planet and other living things here on Sarillion?

It does, but that's why I have my Hope Plant Baby. She helps me remember to believe in the Essence of good that is inside every Idea Seeker and Ally, and to believe that while people may sometimes get hypnotized to go down the wrong path, eventually they get unclouded and do what's right.

So what would you like to say to encourage the Idea Seekers and Allies working on the Flood Wall?

Don't give up! Keep playing the Sandbag Stacker game and keep earning those sandbags! Greedy Cloud may be around making people do things that will knock the wall over, but that means we just have to build it back up even faster! With all of us working together to build that wall, we'll prevent too much damage from happening and we'll save the Beach!

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