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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Dumonde surprises his parents by tinkering with their refrigerator to make it more energy efficient. His parents are very pleased. However, now Dumonde thinks he shouldn't have to do any of his other chores around the house because of the wonderful thing he did! Proud Cloud is giving Dumonde a big head. Could a Humor Plant Baby bring him back to Earth? Write the rest of the story.

"Dumonde, just because you thought of a wonderful way to make your refrigerator more energy efficient, doesn't mean that you can't still do your chores," said Humor Plant Baby.

"But did you see how happy my mum and dad were for me doing that?" said Dumonde.

"Yes, and if you like to see your mum and dad like that, then do your chores. They will be very pleased with you."

"Well, um, okay," agreed Dumonde.

"Well done. And don't worry about Proud Cloud - I'll take care of him!" Write Me A Story

Trinity Pine - 10 - UNITED KINGDOM

Story Title: Trinity Pine's Greatest Friend's

A long time ago Trinity Pine dreamed of being friends with Princess Kimma and Tra. Now this story is telling everyone just one way how to become anyones Friend.

One day Trinity Pine thought to herself, ''I am going to go out in the idea seeker universe and be friends with Princess Kimma and Tra''. She looked everywhere and thought ''Maybe they dont want to be my friend, and why should they when they have lots of other friends anyway''. She decided she should maybe tell someone about her sadness that she wanted another friend. She suddenly came up with an Idea! She decided to ask her friend's Cristie Leaping and Leah Primrose about it, Cristie was always kind and sweet And the same with her younger sister Leah Primrose. So she asked and they replied both the same answers ''Why go looking for more friends when you already have lots of them, and besides it is very silly thinking that you should go and look for someone that you dont even know'' They both started. ''Im sure they are nice people but still we would love to help you find them but we cant. If its meant to be it will be i promise, but if not then i guess it wont. Either way you always know you have us and a trillion more friends if you want a friend''. This made Trinity much better and from then on whenever she wanted anything new she let the magic come to her.



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