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Fight the Flood Caused by a Hurricane and Coral Reef Damage! Save the Beach with the Sandbag Stacker game!

Hi! I'm Dumonde. I hope everyone's been doing their part to help fight the flood on the Beach this week. The Beach is one of the most popular destinations not only on Manabel Island, but for all of the Idea Seeker Universe! People from all over the galaxy head there to relax, recharge, and enjoy themselves, but the hurricane that blew through last week caused a huge wave swell. And without the coral reef that has protected our Island in the past, a lot of damage happened. This harmed not only the buildings and chairs on the Beach, but also the animal and plant life that calls Manabel Island their home!

If you're not sure how to do your part to help build the wall to stop the flood waters, well, that's why I'm here! Let's walk you through.

Fight the Flood with the Sandbag Stacker Game!

Here's what you need to do to help build that flood wall:

  • Play the Sandbag Stacker game. You can get to the game two different ways-by clicking on the "Save the Beach" sign on the Beach and going to the scores page or by going to the Waterfall and clicking on the sandbag.
  • During the game different-shaped blocks fall to the bottom of the screen. When you create a solid row out of those blocks, the row disappears and you earn 10 points!
  • Creating 10 rows will earn you 100 points and 1 sandbag for the beach!
  • You can earn up to three sandbags every time you play, and you can play up to three times a day. If you're really good you can earn up to nine sandbags each day to help the Beach!

Hey, did I mention a Good Deeds Skill Score page? I sure did! Be sure to do your best and see the skill points you have earned! Each time you play, the number of skill points for that game will be added to your previous listing, and the top 10 individual players will receive recognition and a virtual reward from King Daveau for helping save the Beach!

The team with the highest average skill score will also win recognition and a team virtual reward! So get your teammates together to play Sandbag Stacker-the better you get at it, the higher your team's average score will be. Practice makes perfect, and it earns more bags for the Beach!

Now on Sale at Tempy's Furniture Gallery: Sectional Sofas!

Now more than one person at a time can sit on a sofa at your house! These sectional sofas are designed so you can buy as many pieces as you want and put them together to create a sofa of any size! Use your imagination! They're on sale now at Tempy's located in Venezia Village--available by using this transport pod at the Waterfall. Pod on over now to shop for the best options in virtual furniture for your house!

  • Sectional Sofa Left Arm - 300 VPs
  • Sectional Sofa Right Arm - 300 VPs
  • Sectional Sofa Middle - 300 VPs
  • Corner Sofa with Back - 300 VPs
  • Corner Sofa Ottoman - No Back - 275 VPs

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