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Flood Waters Recede! King Daveau Thanks Idea Seekers and Allies

King Daveau extends his thanks to all who helped keep the dangerous Flood waters at bay during the last two weeks! Idea Seekers and Allies successfully used the Sandbag Stacker game to build a sandbag wall on the Beach that kept the waters from completely disrupting the habitats and food supplies for many of the animals that call Manabel Island home. While the wall was constantly knocked down due to the clouded behavior caused by Greedy Cloud, the Idea Seekers and Allies kept up the fight, stacking sandbags back onto the wall whenever they'd be knocked over.

King Daveau and his daughter, Princess Kimma, kept track of the sandbags and scores earned by every Idea Seeker and Ally, and selected the high scorers for recognition and rewards. Congratulations to the following sandbag stackers for their outstanding work on the Flood wall!

Jule Leopard - 14990 points
Carmen Bassoon - 10950 points
Ethan Supernova - 10150 points
Celine Pika - 5380 points
Cheree Pika - 4190 points
Les Tan - 4140 points
Cricket Taveon - 3120 points
Arielle Whale - 2340 points
Star Tavion - 2330 points
Toucan Dai - 2200 points

Each Idea Seeker listed will be given a special "I Helped Save the Beach!" T-shirt and a special trophy for their House! Each Ally listed will be given a stay at the Palace Royal Spa for their Plant Baby!

Also, King Daveau would like to congratulate Team Orange Frog for having the highest average score among the Teams-1050 Points! The King would like to recognize Team Orange Frog for their efforts with a Sarillion Galactic Hotel stay for each Team member's Plant Baby.

Once again, thank you for helping save the Beach! Keep watching the Sarillion Monitor for any future developments that may arise!

Sarillion Monitor

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