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About an Idea Seeker - Riley

Idea Seeker Diplomat Riley recently spent many hours on the Beach at Manabel Island helping with the Flood. We spoke to Riley about all the clouded people he ran into as he tried to help build the sandbag wall.

So Riley, you've been awfully busy these last two weeks, haven't you?

Ha, you know it! As soon as I got the word about that nasty flood on the Beach, I hi-tailed it to Sarillion faster than you could say "Greedy Cloud is full of hot air!"

Speaking of Greedy Cloud, he was quite a thorn in everyone's side during the flood. Last week Princess Kimma told us you ran into a lot of people that he clouded?

Sure did! I was taking a break from working on the wall and was hanging out by the Waterfall. Hey, that rhymed! I'm a poet and I didn't even know it! Haha! Um, anyway, I was at the Waterfall and...hey, how did the river hurt itself?

(sigh) How did it hurt itself, Riley?

It had a waterfall! Ha!

Very funny, Riley. So, you were at the Waterfall...

Oh yeah! I was at the Waterfall, and this girl is showing off these red and orange rocks that she is telling her friends she got snorkeling offshore! So I trot over there, because girls love a talking dog, right? And I notice that they're not rocks at all! They're big chunks of coral from the coral reef off the shore of the Beach!

Why is the reef important, Riley?

Well, the big reason is because a lot of ocean animals use coral reefs either as a home or a food source. Coral may be pretty, but it needs to stay where it belongs or the fish that use the coral reef have nothing to eat! Also, it's a natural barrier against the tides. Ocean tides can erode parts of the land and affect the animals and people that live there. Did you know that if it weren't for coral reefs, there are parts of Florida on Earth that would be under water? It's true! I learned that from my science teacher, Ms. Fisk. She's really pretty.

Sounds like coral reefs are much more than a pretty tourist sight.

You could say that coral reefs "corral" the ocean waves! Ha!

So what happened with the clouded girls?

I had a Gratitude Plant Baby that my friend Skeeter gave me before I left for Sarillion, and I showed him to the girl with the coral. At first, she was all "he's so cute! I want him! Give him to me!"-so I knew for sure she had Greedy Cloud Sickness!-but then after she held him for awhile the Plant Baby started asking her why she'd take away a poor fish's house. The girl started to feel really bad that she took those big chunks of coral and the Cloud Sickness started to vanish. But then she was really sad! Fortunately I have two Humor Plant Babies with me at all times. They helped cheer her up.

Riley, thanks for all your help fighting Greedy Cloud these past two weeks.

Hey, any time, pal! Hey speaking of clouds, what did one cloud say to the other cloud?


Don't rain on my parade! Haha!

Thanks for your time, Riley.

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