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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Princess Kimma has been trying to learn to bake a chocolate cake all week long, and each attempt has ended so badly that her parents are scared to try any more of her samples! Her mother, Queen Keyara, overhears Kimma crying in her room. ''I'll never be a good cook! I don't know why I bother trying. I'm so stupid!'' Queen Keyara is surprised and thinks that Angry Cloud may have gotten Kimma more frustrated than normal. How can the Queen help her daughter? Would a Hope Plant Baby help? Write the rest of the story.

After some thought, Queen Keyara realized that a Hope Plant Baby would be perfect to help Kimma. She went into her royal chambers and found her favorite Hope Plant Baby. "She will be perfect," the Queen said to herself, "I'm sure that giving her to Kimma will make her feel better." The Queen slipped the Hope Plant Baby into Kimma's room while she was away.

Later, when Kimma found Hope, she quickly came to her senses and realized that anything was possible if she kept on trying. Instead of following the disastrous recipe, she wrote one of her own, with Hope's help. A few attempts later, Kimma's cake was perfect.

"Excellent cake, Kimma. You have learned a lot," said her mother with a smile. Kimma knew that her Hope Plant Baby had been a present from Queen Keyara. She thanked her, and the two shared the tasty chocolate cake, giving some to Hope for being so helpful.

They were both feeling so happy, that they went over to the Fountain of Giving outside their palace and made a donation to share their happiness with animals that need help. "A perfect, happy ending," Queen Keyara commented joyfully. "I agree," Kimma said with a happy sigh. Write Me A Story

Sadie - 11 - Ireland

Once upon a time, there lived Sammy the squirrel and every day he brought seeds in the nature center, but one day he saw a young girl wearing a yellow dress, glass slippers, diamond jewelry and a red long cloak. He wondered who this stranger was. The girl had her black hair worn long. That night Sammy the squirrel thought about the girl with the cloak in his sleep he wondered who it could be. That morning, Sammy the squirrel watered his seeds and went to the nature center, there he saw the young girl wearing the red cloak. He ran over to the girl and asked her what her name was and the girl said, "My name is Sophie."

Sammy the squirrel loved Sophie and wondered if Sophie would marry him so he asked Sophie.

Sophie said, "I will marry you at the nature center up at the cliffs were the wind blows my cloak. Sophie took Sammy by his paw and married him at the cliffs, when she kissed him, Sammy turned into a prince. Sammy saw the wind catching in his and Sophie's cloak.

They all brought seeds and grew them and went to the nature center and they all lived in cloak town in a big castle. They all lived happily ever after.



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