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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 8, 2008 - Issue #42  
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New shopping options all over the Idea Seeker Universe!

Hi! I'm Dumonde. There have been a lot of changes around Sarillion in the past few weeks-new stores popping up everywhere and some new ways to find them! Let's take you through the changes and see what's been going on!

New Furniture and Clothing Stores!

Some new clothing and furniture shops have opened this week on Manabel Island and in the Palace Courtyard! Head to the top of the Waterfall and check out the new Island Apparel Clothing Shop, or go to the Palace Courtyard and visit Kimma's Clothing Stand. Both shops feature the same up-to-the-minute fashions you've come to expect from Kimma's Care Shop!

For your House's furniture needs, check out the Villach Furniture Shop located in Villach Village next to the Beach, or once again head to the Palace Courtyard to try out the Royal Furniture Shop. Click on the lamp in both areas to access the store and check out the wide variety of great furniture options for your Idea Seeker House!

Shortcuts to Jardim Forest and Washi now in the Idea Seeker Universe!

Don't forget, you can still find all the Hunger Fighting and Anti-Cloud Power Items you need in Jardim Forest, Venezia Village, and Washi Amusement Park, as well as more furniture options in Tempy's Furniture Gallery in Venezia. Shortcuts to all these places have been placed around the Island and Palace Grounds! A transport pod to Jardim Forest is just outside the Palace, a pod to Venezia Village is located in the Waterfall, and a pod to the Washi Amusement Park can be found in the Village next to the Beach! Jardim Forest is also still on the Idea Seeker Universe Map for easy travel to the stores.

All your options in one place-the new Shopping page!

Finally, a quick shortcut to every store in the Idea Seeker Universe can be found at our new Shopping Page! It's been redesigned and reorganized to help you find everything you need in one convenient location. It also can take you to Earth stores where you can buy great KidsCom stuff like the Hope Plant Baby Keychain and KidsCom t-shirts! Check it out today!

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