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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 23, 2008 - Issue #43  
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Greedy Cloud's Attack Wipes Out Team Records!

Idea Seekers and Allies last weekend were unable to determine the reason behind Greedy Cloud's attack on the Training Tower in the Royal Palace. Was it connected in some way to the opening of the new Prophet's Observatory, the last of the Idea Seeker Role Rooms to be opened in the Tower? But today Queen Keyara and a team of her Idea Seeker Scribes discovered that a group of Warrior Drones influenced by Greedy Cloud stole all the Team Records out of the Scribe's Studio computer system! As a result, all Teams will need to start over in forming teams order to fight back against the Clouds!

King Daveau is certain that this is a sign of more trouble to come from The Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds of Chaos. The King is predicting that the Darkness is trying to discourage all Idea Seekers and Allies from working together so they won't be ready to fight against the next planet attack. In a recent ISNN interview, he claimed that it may still have something to do with the Prophet's Observatory.

"With the completion of the new Prophet's Observatory, we finally have every Role Room in the Training Tower open for Idea Seekers to improve their skills, based on the Role they have chosen," King Daveau said to ISNN Television. "This will allow us to start our weekly training missions to build Teams that can be successful and start getting Idea Seekers to be able to train up to a new skill level. The Observatory features our new Sarillion Holosphere, a projected image of the entire planet that tracks weather patterns, storm fronts, the Ice Caps, and many other parts of Sarillion's climate. The Darkness must realize that this tool will help us better study our planet's weather patterns and climate change. I suspect that Greedy Cloud wiped out our Team Scores to distract us so the Clouds can attempt a new attack!

"With the new Idea Seeker Prophet Observatory, all of our different Idea Seekers, no matter what role they are, have a place to come for meetings and training in energy efficiency and renewable energy. As a special experiment in this room we are trying out a renewable energy source - people power. The Holosphere is powered by users exercising on trampolines and doesn't require any electricity created from fossil fuels. A new idea - exercising and powering up systems - we hope it can teach us more about how we can be more energy efficient.

"I am issuing the following Call to Action," King Daveau continued. "All Idea Seekers and Allies on Sarillion must start forming new Teams! Idea Seekers, form a Team by finding another Idea Seeker partner and choosing the endangered animal that you want to try to help. Allies, learn about the leaders of the different Teams by reading their Idea Seeker profile pages and then signing up on their Team pages to join them. Next week I will launch training missions in order to get to the bottom of this attack by Greedy Cloud and help get more Idea Seekers ready to defend our planet. Carefully select your new Teammates! If you are an Idea Seeker going to lead a team, find a partner by going to their Idea Seeker Home Page and reviewing what they like and do. Be sure to select someone whose skills match up well with your own. (Note: check out this issue's Tips & Tricks for hints on how to do this!) Then watch for another announcement from my daughter, Princess Kimma, and myself in the next Sarillion Monitor. We must act quickly to get as many Allies and Idea Seekers trained before the Clouds strike again!"

Sarillion Monitor

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