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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 23, 2008 - Issue #43  
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About an Idea Seeker - Tra

After the recent Cloud Attack on the Training Tower, Idea Seeker Tra was asked to investigate the scene. Tra meets with the Sarillion Monitor today to discuss the findings that helped show that Greedy Cloud was responsible for the loss of all Sarillion's Team records.

Thanks for speaking with us today, Tra. Could you walk us through what you found out in the Training Tower after Greedy Cloud's attack last week?

Sure! My brother Spec and I were called in during the attack last weekend by our friend Kimma. There were Idea Seekers and Allies everywhere, running around with yellow mist following them wherever they went! It was very strange, because we didn't see them carrying anything.

What do you mean? What was strange about that?

Well, Greedy Cloud's whole thing is convincing people to grab as much stuff as they can, whether or not it's theirs or they need it, right? So, I had expected to see people running out of the Distiller's Exploratorium with school supplies, or running out of the Diplomat Chambers with every last copy of Riley's Joke Book.

But we found out that they did steal something-the Idea Seeker Team records. How did you figure it out?

I have to give my brother Spec credit for that one and his follow-up work with Queen Keyara and her team of Idea Seeker Scribes. As you might know, I'm a little impatient and sometimes just jump into the middle of things without getting a plan together. Spec is much more patient than I am! That's why I have two Patience Plant Babies to help me out, I hope they will help me pick up more of his good qualities where I need them! Unfortunately, I forgot my Patience Plant Babies on Machoo in the rush to make it to Sarillion in time to help with the attack! So I spent all my time just running up to the Warrior Drones and trying to uncloud as many as I could. I didn't want them to be clouded by Greedy Cloud for too long and forget whose side they are really on. I couldn't understand why Spec was just standing still and watching where the clouded Warrior Drones were coming from.

He noticed that everyone was running from the Scribe's Studio! He ran into the room and sure enough, that's when he noticed that the computers that stored the Team records on them were missing parts. We didn't know it then, but it affected all of the records and caused them to get totally erased! Because Greedy Cloud left some of his mist in the room, we were pretty sure that his Warrior Drones had tried to take the computer memory chips and that caused the records to be lost.

What do you think Greedy Cloud wanted with that information?

We still have NO idea. King Daveau is worried that it may be a distraction to get us to get discouraged about forming Teams instead of focusing on the Climate Crisis fighting activities the Teams were formed to do. If that's the case, then the Darkness and Greedy Cloud have another idea coming! Once we get new Teams organized, we'll be going back to work twice as hard to teach people how to go green and save the animals. Just you watch!

Tra, good luck with your upcoming adventures. We hope to see you in some of the Training Missions!

Thanks guys. I always say, practice makes perfect! So of course I'll be doing those Training Missions every chance I get.

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