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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 23, 2008 - Issue #43  
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Study Sarillion's Climate in the Prophet's Observatory!

The final Idea Seeker Role Room has been opened in the Training Tower-the Prophet's Observatory! The room acts as a central location connecting all of Sarillion's science-related areas, such as the Science Center and the Science Camp. It's also a center for creating cheap, renewable power. Notice anything interesting about the trampolines in the room? They're connected to a control panel on the Observatory's ground level. Jumping on the trampolines actually powers the Observatory's main computers and display system-the Sarillion Holosphere! The Holosphere is a projected image of the planet that can be used to study the different weather patterns on Sarillion.

While one person jumps on one of the trampolines and keeps it turned on, another can sit at the control panel and select which map will be shown on the sphere. You can view storm fronts, cloud patterns, Sarillion's ice caps-even an image of Sarillion at nighttime!

All this awaits your discovery in the Prophet's Observatory-and it's just for starters! Lots of fun activities are still to come, in this and all the other Idea Seeker Role Rooms! Learn more about your Idea Seeker Role and the Training Missions. Sharpen your Idea Seeking and Cloud Fighting skills today!

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