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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 23, 2008 - Issue #43  
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Hi! I'm Dumonde. By now you've heard the announcement from King Daveau about the new Teams being formed this next week to replace the ones whose records were stolen by Greedy Cloud's Warrior Drones. The King has asked that we practice forming teams and working together on training missions. That way when he calls the next Team Challenge, you will know who you work well with on a Team. This will help keep us all one step ahead of The Darkness and his Clouds as they try to send Sarillion spiraling downward into a Climate Crisis!

1) More Team Forming, More Often!

That's right! In order to get better at fighting the Darkness and his Clouds,,new Teams will form every two weeks to work on different training exercises! This will give everyone the opportunity to work with Idea Seekers of all different roles and to find a good team fit for their skills while they practice leadership and good teamwork.

Research the Roles and Pick a Solid Partner!

If you are an Idea Seeker, think about having people from different backgrounds on your Team. Now that the Role Rooms are all complete and open for training, take a peek around the different rooms and find a partner that will work well with you! Check out the idea Seeker Home Pages of the teammates you're considering. Are you an Idea Seeker Reminder, good at healing those who have suffered Cloud Sickness? Maybe you should team with a Cloud Hunter, the warriors who fight the Clouds directly and free people from their lies and Cloud Mist by waba kicking! Find a partner whose skills match well with your own, but aren't the same. Distillers, for example, are teachers and match well with Scribes (who record the adventures of the Idea Seekers) or Prophets (scientists who work to learn more about the Essence and climate patterns across the Universe).

Once you have your Team Partner, then the two of you can invite Allies to join your Team. All the Allies you invite to join your team as fans will be starting as Level 1 Cloud Hunters.

If you are an Ally, look at the different Teams and click on the Team Leaders to see their homepages and houses. Once you have found a Team you like, you can join them and see how you work together. If you like the Team, than keep playing with them. If you don't you can try another Team in the next Training Mission.

If you are currently an Ally and feel like you are ready to become a Team Leader, you can become an Idea Seeker by signing up and choose a role to develop even more skills.

2) New Training Missions Coming!

Along with the more frequent Team forming, King Daveau and Princess Kimma will be announcing practice sessions called Training Missions to get you ready to fight back against the Clouds and earn points for your Team. The Training Missions will be coming regularly to build everyone's skills in different areas. As a thank you, King Daveau has offered some Virtual Prizes to recognize the skill building that each team will be doing!

New in the Clothing Stores: Sarillion's Spring Catalog!

This week tons of fun new Spring and Summer clothing items arrived in Kimma's Care Shop, Kimma's Clothing Stand and the Island Apparel Clothing Store! These sharp new items are sure to put the "spring" in your step!

Boy Beach Flip Flops
Boy University Shorts
Boy Graphic Polo
Boy Striped Polo
Girl Platform Sandal with Bow
Girl Capri Pants
Girl Tank Top with Bow
Girl Sun Dress
Girl Flight Pedal Pusher Shorts

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