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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 29, 2008 - Issue #44  
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King Daveau's Training Missions Begin This Week!

Idea Seekers have spent the last week forming new Idea Seeker Teams and recruiting Allies to be their Team Fans. This was needed after Greedy Cloud attacked the Training Tower two weeks ago. This week, King Daveau is launching the first of a new series of Training Missions for the new Idea Seeker Teams in order to get to the bottom of the attack by Greedy Cloud and help get more Idea Seekers ready to defend the planet.

"It's important for all Idea Seekers and Allies to learn as much as they can about their Roles and how their special talents can be used to fight The Darkness of Dumbness and promote saving the planet and its animals," said King Daveau's daughter, Princess Kimma. "Each mission will focus on a few specific Idea Seeker Roles in order to better develop those skills. But that doesn't mean that the missions are only intended for those Roles! Everyone active in the Idea Seeker Universe is needed to participate!

"We need to get the word out to the rest of Sarillion that the Clouds are on the move again," Kimma said. Head to the Scribe's Studio and alert the planet to what the Clouds have been up to. Go to the Prophet's Observatory and use my friend Skeeter's aMAZEing Adventure mazes to learn how to believe in yourself enough to find your way when you're lost! My friend Dumonde, who lives on Earth, designed a GPS system to teach Idea Seekers on his planet how to quickly locate places where the Darkness is having an effect on the climate. Use the GPS to practice those skills for when the Clouds attack next!

"My father will be offering rewards for the Team that scores the most points each time a new Training Mission is launched," Kimma continued. "Remember that each step in the mission can be played three times daily for points. Now get out to the Training Tower, check the board, and play those Mission Steps! The more you practice your skills, the more ready you'll be when the Darkness strikes next. Staying prepared at all times will help you to Look Again, Look Beyond, and Look with Vision at the battles that lie ahead!"

(Note: For more on the Team Training Missions and how to take part, head to this issue's Tips & Tricks!)

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