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About an Idea Seeker - Dumonde

Idea Seeker Scribe Dumonde is a regular contributor to the Sarillion Monitor, regularly dishing out helpful hints in his Tips & Tricks section. With one of the new Team Training Mission Steps taking place in the Scribe's Studio this week, we thought we'd talk to our own Scribe to get more info.

Dumonde, why is the Scribe's Studio so important to this Training Mission?

Well, the reason why the Training Missions were started by King Daveau was because opening the Prophet's Observatory meant that the Training Tower was finally completed. The King decided that now that every room is open, it's time to get serious about really training hard and developing the skills that make us all the best Idea Seekers we can be! But then came Greedy Cloud's attack on the Scribe's Studio. Because the Team Records were stolen, the Idea Seekers had to form new Teams and the Allies needed to join the new Teams as Fans.

It's the job of the Idea Seeker Scribe to record everything that is happens in the battle against the Darkness so others can learn as they fight his Clouds. That includes making a record of this most recent attack! That's why the Idea Seeker News Network is based in the Scribe's Studio. Telling the planet about Greedy Cloud's attack is basically what being a Scribe is all about!

But what if you're not a Scribe? Can Diplomats or Prophets use the Scribe's Studio too?

Absolutely! It's like this: everyone has at least one thing that they're really good at-some people are natural athletes and are good at sports. Some people are really good at Math, or are great writers. But if you're really good at Math, that doesn't mean that you can't play football too! It's important to have many skills, so it's important for every Idea Seeker, whether they're a Reminder or a Cloud Hunter, to work on all their skills to be the best Idea Seekers they can be. A Master Idea Seeker's goal is to become great at every Role, so while we all focus on the one we've chosen, we all try to practice learning the skills of other Roles as well.

Tell us about your "Dumonde GPS" system, since it's also being used in the Training Mission.

It's a GPS game that I designed for Idea Seekers to track where I am on planet Earth! My parents are both anthropologists (and Master Idea Seekers!), so I travel the world with them a lot. Basically, I give the player clues to my whereabouts, and the player tries to guess where I am!

So how does this relate to a Training Mission on Sarillion?

It's important to learn geography and where things are in order to keep closer tabs on the Darkness and the Clouds. If someone hears, for example, "Angry Cloud was spotted in New York City on Earth," you wouldn't necessarily know what he was up to, but if you remember that the United Nations building is located there, you could guess that maybe he's trying to get the world's leaders to argue and fight about Climate Change! It gives you a place to start, anyway.

Sounds good to us. Thanks for the input, Dumonde! Will you be joining the rest of the Idea Seekers on their Training Mission?

I'll be taking part, but I'm not on a Team, since I'm in more of a coach for less experienced Idea Seekers. But I'll see you all in the Training Tower!

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