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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   June 12, 2008 - Issue #45  
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Recent Cloud Activity Results in New Training Mission and new Plant Baby Playhouses From King Daveau!

King Daveau offers his congratulations to the top scoring Team in his first-ever Training Mission: Team Blue Panda Bear with a score of 16,986! The members and Fans of the Blue Pandas will be rewarded with a Motel Washi 3-day stay for their Plant Babies. Motel Washi, on Sarillion's moon of the same name, is a popular spot where people from all over the galaxy send their Plant Babies to relax, recharge, and get powered up again after helping their companions fight the Clouds.

According to sources in the Royal Palace, King Daveau awarded the Plant Baby stays at Motel Washi because he wants the new Training Mission, starting today, to focus on two basic Cloud Fighting skills. The first is learning more about how to care for your Plant Baby. "As we all know, Plant Babies are our best, most valuable helpers in the fight against the Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos," King Daveau said." All Idea Seekers and Allies rely on their Plant Babies to keep them focused on the power of the Essence in everyone's life as well as focused on energy efficiency and caring for their home planets.

This Week's Role Room Activity: Teaching Classes in the Distiller's Exploratorium!

"Therefore, as part of this week's Training Mission, I want everyone to work on their Distiller skills," King Daveau continued. "Distillers are teachers that spread their knowledge of the Essence to the rest of the universe. Head to the Distiller's Exploratorium and teach other Idea Seekers and Allies how to power up their Plant Babies to help fight the Darkness and the Clouds!"

Clouds Again Spotted around Sarillion

The second Cloud Fighting skill King Daveau wants to stress is learning basic knowledge about energy efficiency that can always be remembered when the Clouds try to spread their cloud-mist lies. Recent activity by Greedy Cloud and Proud Cloud was reported in this week's Planet Status. Greedy Cloud Sickness caused fishermen off the coast of Nazar Bay to overfish and threaten the already-fragile population of Turlan Tuna. Meanwhile, Proud Cloud attacked the Waterfall on Manabel Island last week, convincing visitors to the area to use cars and gas-powered scooters to get from one part of the Beach to another instead of walking the short distance. These increased CO2 emissions can make their way into the oceans and make them more acidic and harmful to ocean life, killing off parts of the coral in a process known as Coral Bleaching. This damage can be offset, however, by doing our part to reduce CO2 emissions.

King Daveau's daughter, Princess Kimma, announced the other two steps of this week's Training Mission. "Head to the Prophet's Observatory and the Scribe's Studio to learn more about saving our oceans! Manabel Island's coral reef has been harmed by people under the influence of the Clouds, and we can fight back by learning the truth about what energy-efficient behaviors will help save our oceans, and spreading that truth to others! Head to the Palace Training Tower (link) today and get started by learning about ways to reduce CO2 emissions that find their way into the oceans and harm our beautiful coral reefs!"

New Plant Baby Playhouses Opening!

In addition to the Motel Washi rewards and this week's Distiller's Exploratorium activity, King Daveau has announced a bold new construction project on both Sarillion and Washi! Every Idea Seeker and Ally is being given their own Plant Baby Playhouse to use to spend time with and better care for their Plant Babies!

When asked why both Idea Seekers and Allies were being given these new Playhouses, King Daveau explained, "Keeping Plant Babies powered up and happy is such an important part of what everyone does as an Idea Seeker or an Ally when fighting the Clouds. Many new Allies have joined the fight recently, and we want to make sure they have all the resources needed to learn to care for their Plant Babies to the best of their ability and prepare them for an eventual upgrade into becoming a full-fledged Idea Seeker with several rarer Plant Babies. At the same time, the Plant Baby Playhouse is a way to reward current Idea Seekers for all their hard work, give them a place to spend time with their already hardworking Plant Babies, and give them a new room in which to set up eco-friendly furniture!" (NOTE: Head to Tips & Tricks to learn more about the Plant Baby Playhouses!

Sarillion Monitor

Sarillion Monitor

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