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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   June 12, 2008 - Issue #45  
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About an Idea Seeker

Tra records a conversation between the Clouds!

This week, readers of Sarillion's Planet Status learned that Greedy Cloud and Proud Cloud have been spotted causing trouble once again around Sarillion. Cloud Hunter Tra recently went undercover in an attempt to discover what the Clouds have been up to whether or not their latest activity is a sign of a bigger attack coming soon. Here's a record of what she overheard.

Greedy Cloud: Welcome back, Proud Cloud! What have you been up to the last few days? Nothing good, I hope!

Proud Cloud: For your information, Greedy Cloud, the Darkness' #1 favorite troublemaker-that'd be me, if you couldn't guess-has been causing lots of problems on Sarillion!

Greedy Cloud: Hey, so have I! And who says you're the Darkness' #1 favorite? Ever since I caused all that trouble with the sandbag wall on that stupid Beach during their flood, the Darkness has been heaping praise on me, calling me his best worker, and all of that stuff!

Proud Cloud: That's not how I heard that story, Greedy. After all, didn't those lousy Idea Seekers manage to get that flooding under control?

Greedy Cloud: Only after I convinced my Warrior Drones to steal big chunks of coral off the reef and send more water crashing into the Beach! Maybe the flood's over now but the damage was done!

Proud Cloud: If the damage was done, why am I doing a better job damaging the coral reef now? Ha! I convinced a whole Beach-full of Idea Seekers and Allies that they weren't using enough sunblock. They were so worried about their appearance that they all put on too much! The chemicals washed off into the water and drifted out to the coral! Hahaha! That's how you cause some damage!

Greedy Cloud: Oh, really? And I suppose all those Plant Babies that were powered up and running around the Beach with their owners curing all your Warrior Drones didn't slow things down any?

Proud Cloud: What?!? H-How did you hear about that?

Greedy Cloud: Haha! Jealousy Cloud is quite the gossip, in case you didn't know! She loves it when the rest of us look bad, because she can't stand for any of us to have more success at causing chaos than her! She's been telling everyone that the Idea Seekers were curing your Warrior Drones faster than you could cloud them! Hahaha!

Proud Cloud: Why that no-good, gossiping...ARGH! I'm going to give her a piece of my mind! Step aside, Greedy, I have no time for you. I have more important things to deal with!

Greedy Cloud: Suuuuure you do, Proud Cloud. Hahahaha!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: When we asked Tra her thoughts on this conversation, her response was this: "It just shows you how impossible it is to get along with others when you're clouded with greed, pride, jealousy, or any of the bad feelings the Clouds promote! When we all stick together, use our Plant Babies to remind us to help each other, and remember the things we learn about taking care of our environment and animals, the Clouds don't stand a chance against us! When we do good deeds to care for the planet, they end up fighting too much to fight back!"]

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