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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   June 26, 2008 - Issue #46  
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Changes to the Team Fans!

Hi! I'm Dumonde. I'm here this week to let you know of some changes in the rules for Team Fans that are going to make the Training Missions a lot more fun and interesting! King Daveau wants to make sure everyone is participating with the Teams they've joined, and he wants to make sure everyone has a chance to be rewarded by finishing in the top three Teams for a mission. So here's what's up!

  • Starting next week, the maximum number of Team Fans a Team can have is 100. Allies! This means that you may not be able to be a fan of our first choice Team, but that's ok! Sign up for another Team to stay involved and to develop your Cloud Hunting skills! What's that? Afraid that all the Teams may fill up? If that happens, just find an Idea Seeker that hasn't formed a Team yet and ask them to start one that you can join! It's all about getting everyone involved!
  • Starting with this week's Training Mission, any Fan who has not scored any points for their Team by the end of the mission will be removed from their Team! Idea Seekers, be sure to get all your Team Fans to work the Training Missions! If they don't, that's ok because when they're removed from your Team, it will open up a spot for a new Fan who will work harder!

This week's new Training Mission is now underway! Have fun!

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