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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 25, 2008 - Issue #48  
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Angry Cloud Starting Arguments-Arm Yourself With Facts!

Idea Seeker Cloud Hunters going undercover in the past few weeks uncovered a new plot by the Darkness of Dumbness! He's sent Angry Cloud back to Sarillion to start fights between people on Manabel Island. Angry Cloud is very good at using his Gummy Gooey Anger Globs to start arguments about whether or not global climate change is really harming the animals on Earth and Sarillion. When people start to shout and yell about how climate change is a lie, the Idea Seekers and Allies can get dragged into a heated argument as they try to defend how they interpret the facts. Then nothing gets done because everyone's too busy fighting!

Idea Seeker Scribe Dumonde mentioned to King Daveau that when people are armed with facts, it's easier to fight back against the lies that Angry Cloud spreads. Therefore, King Daveau has launched a Training Mission this week that sends the Teams into their local libraries to learn more information about the dangers of global climate change! Head to Tips & Tricks to learn more from Dumonde himself!

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