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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 25, 2008 - Issue #48  
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Hi everyone! As you learned in the Inside Scoop, King Daveau has asked everyone to head to their local libraries this week to arm themselves with facts about how animals are threatened by global climate change. It's one of the steps in this week's Training Mission, so I'm here to give you a hand!

Head to the Scribe's Studio and click on the computer that's labeled "Library Training Mission." Write down the question and head to your local library to learn the facts about climate change and animals! King Daveau considers this such an important mission that he's awarding 2000 Virtual and Team Points to anyone who finds the information!

When Angry Cloud gets people to start yelling and fighting about what the truth about climate change really is, the best way to fight back is by learning the truth for yourself. Head out to the library, grab a book, and earn those points!

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